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How to use VAX carpet cleaner?

how to use vax cleaner
March 14, 2024

Having a carpet cleaner around your home is great. Vax machines enable various cleaning jobs. You can remove dirt from carpets and floors, clean sofas and windows, and even address stains caused by your pets. The best part is that using such a vax carpet cleaner machine will not take you hours but rather a quick vacuum and wash to restore the area.

Vax carpet cleaners are well-regarded carpet washer machines that can help you in many ways. A vax platinum smartwash may be just the thing you need to keep high-traffic areas of your home in pristine condition year after year.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your VAX carpet cleaning running smoothly at all times. Proper maintenance and following the instructions of the user guide are what will allow you to harness its true potential. In the following guide, you will find a few handy tips on the proper usage of a vax carpet cleaner.

Safety guidelines

It is important to always consider safety precautions before you bust out the vax carpet cleaner.

  • Secure any loose items in your home that can otherwise be a tripping hazard
  • Make sure you ventilate the area you are operating the vax carpet cleaner in
  • Inspect your vax carpet cleaner for potential damage and any kind of malfunction
  • Inspect the power cord to make sure it's intact and not frayed

Once you have prepared the area of your home for cleaning and you have made sure the carpet cleaner is in top condition for the job, you can move on to the next step.

Check out our guide on How to Care for Your Carpet for more information.

Consult the carpet cleaner's guide

First, check for additional safety instructions and recommendations. You need to adhere to all of them when operating the vax carpet cleaner. Whether the guidelines are specific to the model or general recommendations on how to prepare and operate it, they are there for a reason. It may be prudent to test the machine on a small spot of your carpet or rug before you use it full-scale. It's a great way to find out how it works and that it is not causing any sort of damage to your carpet. Once you have done that, you are ready to use it on all of the visible areas of your home.

What are the benefits of a VAX carpet cleaner?

A vax carpet cleaner is a wonderful aid in your home or office. It can help you clean a wide range of items and areas, including carpets and upholstery. A good cleaner can even remove a stubborn stain on your carpets. This is a flexible tool that can save you a lot of trouble and effort with its quick clean mode.

The main benefit of a vax carpet cleaner lies in its deep cleaning capabilities. It can be used frequently or regularly and it will always do the job right. It's the perfect cleaning solution if you want to keep your carpet in top shape, but it can also be used in various other spaces, such as your car seats.

One of the best things about a vax carpet cleaning is its potential to deal with stains that might be impossible to remove otherwise. This makes a huge difference to the appearance of your carpet, whether it is in any of the rooms or perhaps the stairs.

How to use a Vax Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner

The first thing you should do is clear the area of clutter and make sure you have space to manoeuvre with the carpet cleaner. This means moving around furniture and other items.

Next, before you use your carpet cleaner, it is a good idea to do a quick vacuuming of the carpet to loose dirt and other surface spoils. Not only does this make the task of cleaning your carpets easier, but also keeps your carpet cleaner from clogging too fast and getting a dirty tank.

Time to fill up the water tank and add in cleaning solution to the carpet cleaner. Follow the instructions outlined in the owner's manual. Make sure you fill the clean water tank with enough liquid but don't go overboard. There is likely to be an indication of the right amount. Also, make sure you use only the recommended type of solution for your carpet cleaner.

Using the vax pre-treatment wand

Depending on your vax carpet cleaner, it may include a vax pre-treatment wand. This feature allows you to clean any stain on your floors before using your carpet cleaner. Use the wand to apply a cleaning solution to any spot in your home. Allow it to sit for about 15 minutes but not till it's dry. You can then treat the rest of the carpet with your vax carpet cleaner.

What cleaning solution will you need?

Apart from a vax carpet cleaner, you will need clean water for the tanks, a separate cleaning solution for carpets and a bucket if there is even a need to mix products. You can also acquire a selection of vax products to clean your home, depending on your needs.

The washing process

It is a straightforward process with steps that differ depending on your model of a vax cleaner. Usually, you must fill the twin tanks/single tank of your vax cleaner. Then use the wash setting and press the trigger to apply the solution. Release the trigger when pulling back the nozzle.

Post-treatment and drying

The quick clean function of your vax carpet cleaner allows you to clean your home and let the surfaces dry faster. It is a change from a deeper cleaning to a faster drying experience. You can also dry your carpets faster by running fans and allowing rooms to ventilate properly.

Maintenance and troubleshooting

If you carry out proper maintenance, your vax carpet cleaner will not run into any issues. Don't let dirty water sit in the tank for too long. Make sure you assemble your vax carpet cleaner as you take it out of the box. Follow the owner's instructions on how to operate and keep your vax carpet cleaner in top shape at all times.

A vax carpet cleaner can be the best tool for keeping carpets and upholstery in your home clean and disinfected. Make sure you read the manual for optimal use of the machine.

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