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Find out about Carpet Cleaning for only £20

Do you want to book a Carpet Cleaning in London for only £20? In fact Crystal Carpet Cleaners is not like any other cleaning company in London. You will experience quality job, perfect customer satisfaction, knowledgeable and cleaning service. If you live in London and you need a professional carpet cleaning our company offers amazing services on top prices. In other words we clean fast, non-toxic and eco, we have extensive experience cleaning all types of carpets by methods carpet dry clean, carpet steam cleaning and spot removal system. Our carpet cleaners provide high quality services your special and comfortable home. Learn more about our carpet cleaning philosophy.

Professional cleaning

We can explain every detail of the cleaning process, from start to finish. By all means, this will give you a better idea of what to expect from our modern techniques. As a professional cleaning agency we provide cleaning service at high quality with our Cleaning Checklist and professional cleaning equipment - Prochem and Rotovax.

Non-Toxic and Eco

In the past, most carpet cleaning companies used harsh chemicals to do the job. While this can make carpets look good, it is not healthy for anybody living in the home (people or pets). No harmful chemicals ever come in contact with your carpet. For this reason, you can rest easy at night knowing that your home is a safe place.

Book a cleaner

Crystal Carpet Cleaners in London uses ecological clean and high standard products for cleaning. After the special treatment with the proper solutions on the dirty surface, the cleanliness and the brightness of your furniture will remain. For carpet cleaning we are using the best products and machines like Prochem and Rotovac 360.

Spot Removal system

The first method is hot water extraction or steam cleaning. Extremely hot water, alongside with a carpet cleaning solution, is distributed over the carpet. Then, the carpet cleaner quickly sucks the water back up, along with the dirt, stain and spot. Our cleanin agency  uses carpet steam cleaning or hot water extraction to clean carpets, according trainings and received certificates from Suitable chemicals and hot water will be injected into the carpet. This will be done under pressure to extract the solution and all dirt. This cleaning technique is the best choice for high quality carpets and minimizes the risk of damaging the fiber for carpets. The next category of carpet cleaning services in London is cold-water extraction. Cold-water extraction works along the same lines at hot water extraction, with the exception of using cold water. The last category is dry extraction or dry clean. We apply a foam or powder to the carpet. The cleaner works the dirt into a pile, where it can then be swept up by the carpet cleaner or regular vacuum sweeper.

Affordable Pricing

No matter if you are having one room cleaned or your entire home, getting the best carpet cleaning prices is something that should always be on your mind. At Crystal Carpet Cleaners, our prices are competitive with the rest of the industry. By requesting a contract cleaning for your job, you will quickly see that we offer some of the lowest prices in the industry – without skimping in other areas. It is common to worry about the cost of cleaning in London. If your fears revolve around pricing, now is the time to request a quote . Find out once and for all just how affordable this can be.    

 Clean and Gone

We strive to offer fast, reliable service without delay. If you need help now, we will do our best to schedule an appointment in the near future. Along with this, our team will show up on time and be ready to work from the moment we arrive.

 Top Notch Customer Service

How important is customer service to you? When you hire Crystal Carpet Cleaners you know that you are going to be in good hands from start to finish. From the moment you schedule your appointment to the time that the last worker leaves your home, you are going to be treated like a valuable customer. For this reason, among many others, our customers come back to us time and time again.    

 Steam Carpet Cleaning for only £20

Order steam cleaning for your carpet and see for yourself the results! Here you can read about the whole procedure:

  1. A pre-inspection: Our team will inspect the carpet in order to let you know what can or cannot be done.
  2. MovingFurniture: Light furniture will be moved away, but do not worry – at the end of the process we will return it on its place. Of course, we will not move anything heavy or breakable.
  3. Pre-treatment:The cleaning process begins with pre-treatment with a safe solution.
  4. Cleaning:We use Rotovac equipment for a thorough deep cleaning of carpets.
  5. Post-inspection:Final look at the job along with you in order to find and clean anything left that can be removed.
  6. Protect and grooming: If needed, foam blocks and plastics will be placed under furniture legs to protect the finish from bleeding onto the carpet during the drying process.

What should you do after we finish the work? Open the windows and try to keep the place cool. Heat contains moisture and can keep the carpet wet longer than you actually desire. Use the air conditioning, if available, to speed up the drying process.

For better carpet protection we recommend Scotchguard.

Scotchguard is designed to help:

  • Protect the carpet against stains based on oil and water;
  • carpet fibers to resist soiling;
  • furniture fabric and carpet to resist stains;
  • upholstery and carpet to stay cleaner longer;

Once we apply the Scotchguard on the carpet it will become easier to vacuum, as well as it is stain-resistant. With Scotchguard your home will look cleaner for much longer time.

  • Create an invisible barrier between fabric and stains and prevent dirt from sticking to fibers.

Scotch guard keeps dry soil on the surface and doesn't allow it to penetrate the fibers. This way you vacuum up more dirt, and keeps your carpet fresher, longer. The recommended time to apply Scotch guard Protection is immediately after Crystal Carpet Cleaners team finishes its service. Scotchguard will keep your carpet, rug or upholstery clean and safe for a long time.

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