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Mattress Cleaning London

Crystal Carpet Cleaners provide professional mattress cleaning services in London, remove stains, sanitize, and clean your mattresses. Our professional cleaners will use a steam extraction system to clean your mattresses by a deep cleaning that destroys all kinds of dust mites, bacteria, and bugs! Mattress steam cleaning is a great way to remove stains, germs, sanitize, and clean your mattresses. About 60 percent of dust mites, bacteria, tiny bugs, and other kinds of microscopic organisms live in the mattress, and it is important to be cleaned it at least once a year. It is fact that the average person sheds about 1 gram of skin every day, and dust mites feed on it! They produce droppings that cause a variety of health problems.

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Mattress cleaning: Why it is so important?

There are many benefits to having clean mattresses, but the most significant one is that it improves your health. People with allergies, eczema, asthma and other problems will benefit, and a clean mattress is good for your night’s sleep. Steam cleaning can help reduce and alleviate the severity and frequency of asthma symptoms. Health professionals recommend regular mattress cleaning, especially for allergy patients. As you may know, the worst attacks are at night because the body reacts to droppings and dust. Some people suffer from insomnia because of this. A good night’s sleep is important for one’s emotional wellness and physical health.

We can provide a fresh and healthy sleeping environment for your whole family with our professional mattress cleaning service. Our fully trained cleaners will use a steam extraction system to clean your mattresses by deep cleaning that destroys all kinds of dust mites, bacteria, and bed bugs. We don’t use harmful ingredients and will leave your mattresses dry and clean! Your mattresses will be slightly damp when we complete the steam cleaning process and will dry for no longer than 8 hours. The drying time depends on the type of mattress you have!

In London, we're among the cleaning companies that strive to provide quality services so you get fantastic value for your money. Do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about our affordable mattress cleaning service.

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How much does mattress cleaning in London cost?

Our mattress cleaning prices vary depending on the size of the mattress, whether it is a single, double or king-size mattress. To better understand the cost of our professional services, we recommend checking the "prices" section of our website. We are also happy to provide a free quote upon request. Please note that we have a minimum charge of £60 which applies to all services. There may also be a charge for congestion charge and parking if your property does not include parking.

Crystal Carpet Cleaners strives to provide quality mattress cleaning services at affordable prices. You can quickly see that we offer some of the lowest and competitive prices in the industry by getting in touch with us for a free quote.

How often should you get your mattress cleaned?

As a general rule, you should clean your mattress at least twice a year. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to check the mattress label for instructions.

More than 50 % of the dust in your home goes into your mattress! That is why Crystal Carpet Cleaners Ltd recommends a mattress cleaning annually in purpose to be removed all of the dust and bacteria spread inside the mattress. By steam cleaning procedure our professional cleaners extract spots made of perspiration, urine, food, drinks and etc. For us, it is important that your home is refreshed by providing the most perfect cleanliness and comfort with freshness around that everyone wants for his favorite place!

Why should you choose Crystal Carpet Cleaners to clean your mattress?

  • Our professional mattress cleaning company has powerful steam cleaning equipment. The steam extraction system used by our cleaners will thoroughly clean your mattresses, destroying all kinds of bacteria build-up, dirt and bugs. Getting your mattress steam cleaned is one of the best ways to sanitize and remove dirties from it.
  • We use only non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products so that we can keep your bed safe for you. High-level cleaning solutions enable us to deliver the outcomes you need.
  • We can deal with all kinds of stains including those originating from foods, beverages or urine. With our powerful stain removal system, we can remove even the most stubborn spots from your mattress.
  • Our cleaning schedule can be tailored to fit the needs of our clients. Our London mattress cleaning services are available on weekends and evenings as well.
  • We offer competitive prices for our mattress cleaning services around the London area so you get the best value for your money.

Frequently asked questions

What are the areas you serve in London?

We cover the following areas in London: South West London - North West London West London - North London South East London - East London Central London - South London. If you want to book our cleaning services outside of London you will be charged only about the petrol per mile. The price will be calculated and included in your invoice.

What other cleaning services do you offer?

Besides a professional mattress cleaning service, our company also offer, carpet cleaning (both residential and commercial carpet cleaning), curtain, rug and upholstery cleaning, as well as end of tenancy cleaning.

Is steam cleaning good for mattress?

A professional deep steam cleaning can effectively remove dust mites, dirt, bacteria, and more without harming the mattress. Vaporizable molecules penetrate the surface pores to ensure it is free from germs and well sanitized. Deep steam cleaning also improves sleep quality since your bed is fresh and clean.

Is a mattress ruined if it gets wet?

It depends on the source of the water. Our professional cleaners at Crystal Carpet Cleaners use proven techniques to make sure that your mattress is cleaned well without being damaged. All you need to do is let it dry properly after cleaning.

How long does a mattress take to dry after a professional cleaning?

In most cases, your mattress will completely dry after 8 hours. Note, however, that the drying time will depend on the type of mattress you have.

Will all stains come out?

Steam mattress cleaning London is one of the best techniques to eliminate any spots and stains from the mattress cover. The steam cleaning method used by our professional mattress cleaners can eliminate even hard stains caused by red wine, blood, sweat or urine. However, if the stain has been on your mattress for too long and has already damaged the fabric, then the stained area might not be fully cleaned. There is a possibility that the area may look stained even after all the dirt has been removed.

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