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Best Cleaning Products for Deep Cleaning: Top Choices for a Spotless Home

best cleaning products for deep cleaning
May 31, 2024

Deep cleaning your home can seem daunting, but the right products make it manageable. The best cleaning products, including effective cleaning cloths, can significantly improve how efficiently you clean your space. From tackling bathroom soap scum to eliminating kitchen grease, the right tools are essential.

For instance, the Neat Daily Shower Cleaner Refill Starter Pack keeps bathroom surfaces spotless, while the Microban 24 Hour Bathroom Cleaner ensures tiles and fixtures remain germ-free. These products not only perform well but also save time, making deep cleaning less of a chore.

At Crystal Carpet Cleaners, we can help you achieve a spotless home with our expert carpet cleaning services. With a well-crafted cleaning routine and the best deep cleaning products, maintaining a hygienic and welcoming environment becomes straightforward and even enjoyable.

Key Takeaways

  • Use the best deep cleaning products for efficient cleaning.
  • A good cleaning routine makes deep cleaning easier.
  • Top-rated products save time and effort.

Best Cleaning Products for 2024

The Best Products for Cleaning Your Kitchen

  1. Best Multi-Surface Spray
    • Product: Neat Antibacterial Refill Starter Pack Mango & Fig
    • Highlights: Effective on various surfaces including kitchen counters, bathroom taps, and glass tables.
  2. Best Dishwasher Tablets
    • Product: Finish Quantum Ultimate Dishwasher Tablets
    • Highlights: Excellent cleaning performance, leaving glassware shining without residue.
  3. Best Washing Up Liquid
    • Product: Bower Washing Up Liquid Refill - Grapefruit
    • Highlights: Hypoallergenic, effective at removing dried food and grease, with a pleasant grapefruit scent.
  4. Best Oven Cleaner (read our guide on how to clean an oven quickly for more informaiton)
    • Product: Oven Mate Complete Deep Clean Oven Kit
    • Highlights: Comprehensive kit with gel and accessories, removes 90% of burnt-on material.

The Best Products for Cleaning Your Bathroom

  1. Best Shower Cleaning Product
    • Product: Neat Daily Shower Cleaner Refill Starter Pack Fig & Violet
    • Highlights: Removes soap scum, hard water stains, and leaves a shiny finish.
  2. Best All-Round Bathroom Cleaning Product
    • Product: Mix Clean Green Multi-Surface Cleaner
    • Highlights: Effective on sinks, taps, toilet bowls, and baths, leaves a glossy streak-free finish.
  3. Best Toilet Cleaner
    • Product: Dr. Beckmann Power-Foaming Toilet Cleaner
    • Highlights: Easy to apply, covers 80% of the toilet bowl, effectively removes odors and stains.

The Best Laundry Products for Clean, Stain-Free Clothes

  1. Best Bio Laundry Detergent
    • Product: Ecover Concentrated Bio Laundry Liquid, Honeysuckle & Jasmine
    • Highlights: Plant-based, effective stain removal, eco-friendly packaging, pleasant fragrance.
  2. Best Non-Bio Laundry Detergent
    • Product: Smol Non-Bio Capsules
    • Highlights: Plastic-free, subscription-based, effective stain removal, gentle on sensitive skin.
  3. Best Fabric Softener
    • Product: Lenor Outdoorable Fabric Conditioner Spring Awakening
    • Highlights: Fresh, long-lasting scent, leaves clothes soft and wrinkle-free.

How to Change Up Your Cleaning Routine

  1. Best Multi-Room Wipes
    • Product: INEOS Next Gen Antibac Multi-Room Wipes Bergamot + Cedarwood
    • Highlights: Effective on various surfaces, leaves a pleasant smell, good for quick cleanups.
  2. Best Compostable Wipes
    • Product: The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Antibacterial Wipes
    • Highlights: Biodegradable, effective for light cleaning jobs, perfect for on-the-go cleaning.
  3. Best Eco-Friendly Sponge
    • Product: Composty® 'Loofah' Eco Scourer Sponges
    • Highlights: Double-sided, effective on grease, washable in dishwasher, eco-friendly.

The Essentials of Deep Cleaning

deep cleaning products for home cleaning

Deep cleaning involves more than just surface wiping; it requires the right tools, knowledge of cleaning products, and a thorough approach to ensure every corner of your home is spotless. Let's explore what you need to know.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Supplies

When selecting cleaning supplies, it’s crucial to have a well-rounded arsenal. We should include microfibre cloths, gloves, and a variety of brushes and scrubbers. Disinfectants and paper towels are also essential. Products like Neat Daily Shower Cleaner and Seep Sponge with Loofah offer effective solutions for any cleaning task.

Understanding Cleaning Product Formulations

Knowing whether a product is anti-bacterial or merely cleansing affects our choice. All-natural and non-toxic options can be safer for families and pets. Products such as the Neat anti-bac surface spray combine powerful cleaning with eco-friendly ingredients. We should also consider formulations with plant-based components and pleasant lemon scents for a fresh environment.

Preparing for a Deep Clean

Preparation is key to making the deep cleaning process efficient. It often requires some elbow grease to remove stubborn grease and buildup. First, declutter by removing items that might get in the way. Next, gather all your supplies in one place. Wearing gloves is essential to protect our hands from chemicals. Make sure to follow a cleaning routine, starting from top to bottom, to avoid re-soiling areas.

Safety Tips and Best Practices

Safety during deep cleaning is paramount. Always read product labels and use gloves when handling chemicals. Ensure the area is well-ventilated to avoid inhaling fumes. Keep microfibre cloths and paper towels at hand for quick clean-ups. For tough jobs, using products like Microban 24 Hour Bathroom Cleaner ensures that surfaces are not only clean but also antibacterial.

Eco-Friendly and Cruelty-Free Options

Eco-friendly and cruelty-free products are becoming more popular. Brands like Grove Collaborative and Branch Basics offer plant-based and non-toxic options. Using white vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils as cleaning agents is an effective, natural alternative to harsh chemicals. Stardrops The Pink Stuff is another great eco-friendly cleaner known for its versatility and effectiveness.

Home Cleaning Solutions

Sometimes, simple household ingredients provide excellent cleaning solutions. White vinegar mixed with water works wonders for glass surfaces. Baking soda is perfect for scrubbing and deodorising. Add a touch of lemon for a fresh scent and enhanced cleaning power. We can save money and reduce chemical use by creating our own cleaners using these items.

Professional-Grade Cleaners

For particularly challenging jobs, professional-grade cleaners are necessary. These products often contain stronger chemicals and formulations designed to tackle the toughest grime. While they are powerful, they should be used cautiously and as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Sometimes, enlisting professionals might be the best approach for an effective and safe deep clean.

Specific Cleaning Challenges

deep cleaning solutions and solvents

Successfully tackling various cleaning tasks can make our homes sparkling clean and more hygienic. Below, we address some of the most common and challenging cleaning issues, sharing practical solutions and the best products to use.

Tackling Grease and Grime

Grease and grime build-up is a frequent problem, particularly in kitchens. We find that an all-purpose spray or a dedicated grease-cutting cleaner works best for these stubborn areas and tough stains. A product like Neat Daily Shower Cleaner Refill Starter Pack Fig & Violet is highly effective, scoring 90/100 in tests (link). When dealing with tougher spots, a cleaning paste can make scraping away grime easier. Regular maintenance and spot cleaning can prevent build-up, making deep cleaning less daunting.

Effective Bathroom Cleaning

Keeping the bathroom free from soap scum and germs can be challenging. Effective bathroom cleaners like Microban 24 Hour Bathroom Cleaner are excellent for tackling build-up and stains (link). Using a foaming toilet cleaner or tools like a Clorox ToiletWand can simplify toilet bowl cleaning. It’s essential to pay attention to ceramic tiles, glass doors, and metal fixtures, ensuring all areas are treated with appropriate products to avoid water spots and soap scum.

Sparkling Kitchens and Countertops

For a gleaming kitchen, including countertops, regular cleaning with suitable products is essential. We recommend using an all-purpose cleaner for daily maintenance. For tougher spots, an oven cleaner works wonders on residues inside ovens and on stovetops. For dishwashing, dishwasher tablets are convenient and effective. Ensuring that surfaces are disinfected regularly can keep the kitchen hygienic and visually appealing. Detailed cleaning schedules, like those in a 30-Day Deep Cleaning Challenge, can keep tasks manageable.

Glass and Mirror Polishing Tips

Getting glass and mirrors streak-free can be tricky. A dedicated glass cleaner is ideal for this task. Spray the solution onto the surface and use a microfiber cloth to wipe in circular motions for a clear finish. Consistent cleaning will prevent hard water stains and streaks, ensuring all glass surfaces shine. For extra stubborn spots, a bit of white vinegar on a damp cloth can cut through residue effectively, leaving mirrors and glass crystal clear.

Dealing with Stubborn Stains

Stains on carpets, upholstery, and clothes can be persistent. So many stain removers have been tried, but finding one that works quickly and effectively is crucial. Different stains require different approaches. A highly recommended stain remover like Bar Keepers Friend can handle multiple surfaces. For example, a mix of baking soda and vinegar can be useful for organic stains, while commercial products are better for synthetic stains. Prompt action is key; the longer a stain sits, the harder it is to remove. Regularly treating spots can maintain the appearance and lifespan of the materials.

Working with Porous Surfaces

Porous surfaces, such as stone countertops or unsealed tiles, need special care. Using a dedicated cleaner specific to the material is crucial. Sealed surfaces should be maintained regularly with appropriate products to prevent etching and staining. It's often a good idea to tackle any spills immediately to prevent long-term damage. Incorporating the use of sealers extend the life of the surface and make maintenance easier. Specific products designed for porous materials ensure that these surfaces remain protected and looking their best.

Cleaning efficiently and effectively requires the right tools and methods. By focusing on each specific challenge, we can make even the toughest cleaning tasks more manageable.

Deep Cleaning Tools and Equipment

cleaning tools for home cleaning

Effective deep cleaning requires a variety of tools and equipment. Both manual and mechanical options exist, each designed for specific tasks. We'll explore the essentials like brushes, vacuum cleaners, and microfiber cloths, as well as specialised accessories that make deep cleaning more efficient.

Manual Tools for Deep Cleaning

Manual cleaning tools are essential for tackling tough spots. Scrub brushes and sponges are great for scrubbing out stains in bathrooms and kitchens. Comet or Ajax can be used with a brush to remove stubborn stains from porcelain or enamel surfaces.

A good mop with a wringer bucket is also crucial for floors. A genius spinning drain mop is highly effective for drying the mop head faster, covering a larger surface area, and picking up more dirt than regular mops. Look for mops with removable, washable heads to keep things sanitary. Gloves are a must to protect your hands from harsh chemicals. Finally, grout brushes are perfect for narrow spaces, like the gaps between tiles.

Mechanical and Electric Tools

Mechanical and electric tools can reduce the effort required for deep cleaning. The vacuum cleaner is indispensable. For a more versatile option, a cordless stick vacuum can clean various surfaces, including carpet and hardwood floors.

A steam cleaner is another excellent tool. It uses high-temperature steam to disinfect and clean without chemicals. This is perfect for upholstery, mattresses, and even grout lines.

Electric scrubbers can save your back and knees by automating the scrubbing process. These come with various attachments for different surfaces, making them very adaptable.

Microfiber and Non-Abrasive Cloths

Microfiber cloths are invaluable for deep cleaning. They are effective at trapping dust and dirt and are reusable. Use them for dusting surfaces, wiping down counters, and even cleaning glass. They are also excellent to polish smooth surfaces like door handles and oven knobs, ensuring even distribution of pressure and streak-free results. Unlike paper towels, microfiber cloths don’t leave lint behind.

Non-abrasive cloths are useful for delicate surfaces that can be easily scratched. They are perfect for polishing stainless steel appliances and glass surfaces, leaving no streaks or scratches.

Paper towels, while not as eco-friendly, can be used for particularly grimy tasks and then disposed of, preventing cross-contamination.

Specialised Cleaning Accessories

Specialised cleaning accessories can make certain tasks much easier. A shower shield solution can help prevent hard water build-up and soap scum on surfaces like ceramic, glass, and metal.

Wood polish like Howard’s Feed-n-Wax quickly restores the shine to wooden furniture while hiding minor blemishes.

Extendable dusters are ideal for reaching high places without the need for a ladder. These can be used on ceiling fans, light fixtures, and tall shelves.

Toilet wands with disposable heads can make bathroom cleaning more sanitary, allowing you to toss away the used pad after each use.

Choosing the right tools can make deep cleaning less of a chore and more of a straightforward task.

Deep Cleaning Routines and Techniques

In this section, we will explore detailed strategies to deep clean each room in a home and provide tips on maintaining cleanliness after a thorough clean. Our focus will be on practical techniques and effective products.

Room-by-Room Deep Cleaning Strategies

Bathroom: Start by removing all items from countertops, shelves, and the shower area. Use a bathroom cleaner to scrub the tiles, bathtub, and toilet. A fast-acting spray can help reveal a clean, mildew-free surface underneath the affected areas. Clean the showerhead by soaking it in vinegar. Wipe the mirrors with a streak-free glass cleaner. Don’t forget to clean the toothbrush holder and soap dish. Ensure to vacuum and mop the floor as the final step to remove any dust or hair.

Kitchen: Begin by emptying the refrigerator and wiping the shelves with a mild cleaner. Clean the oven using a designated oven cleaner. For the dishwasher, clean the filter and run a cycle with white vinegar and baking soda to remove odours. Wipe down countertops, light fixtures, and backsplashes. Clean under the sink and ensure the trash bins are washed.

Living Room: Dust all surfaces, including furniture and electronics. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment to clean upholstery. Wash throw pillows and blankets. Clean the windows and window sills. Sweep and mop the floor, paying special attention to corners and edges.

Maintaining Cleanliness After Deep Cleaning

To keep our homes clean after a deep clean, it’s essential to establish a regular cleaning schedule. Daily tasks like wiping kitchen counters and doing the dishes can prevent dirt buildup. Weekly tasks should include vacuuming and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, and dusting surfaces.

Using microfibre cloths can help in maintaining a dust-free environment. We should also consider applying protective coatings to surfaces like shower doors to prevent water spots and make future cleaning easier. Consistent maintenance will make future deep-cleaning sessions less demanding and keep our home looking spotless.


Deep cleaning can be daunting, but the right products make it manageable.

For the bathroom, Microban 24 Hour Bathroom Cleaner is excellent for cutting through grime, keeping surfaces clean for 24 hours. It's perfect for spring cleaning when thoroughness is key.

In the kitchen, Seep Sponge with Loofah Scourer works wonders. It’s 100% plastic-free and compostable. Ideal for scrubbing dishes and surfaces, and environmentally friendly too.

To keep your home spotless, OxiClean Shower Guard Daily Shower Cleaner prevents stains and calcium deposits. A simple spray after each shower keeps your tiles and glass gleaming.

For mirrors, mixing one part vinegar with four parts water creates a terrific DIY cleaner. Apply with a microfiber cloth for a streak-free finish.

Deep cleaning doesn't stop at surfaces. Floors also need attention. Using a strong cleaner designed for different floor types ensures every inch shines.

In our experience, tackling one room at a time makes the process less overwhelming. Consistent maintenance with these products keeps our homes looking new throughout the year.

Use these tips and cleaning products to make your home sparkle, not just during spring cleaning but all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we cover important points about the best products for deep cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas, as well as essential items and solutions for stubborn stains. These answers provide practical recommendations based on expert insights and product reviews.

Which products are essential for an effective deep clean of the kitchen?

For kitchen cleaning, we recommend using a degreaser for appliances, a disinfectant for countertops and cabinets, and a good floor cleaner. Products like a degreasing spray for the hob and oven, washing up liquid for cleaning oven liners and dishes, an antibacterial spray for worktops, and a floor scrubber are crucial.

What are the top-rated bathroom cleaners suitable for intensive cleaning tasks?

Some highly rated bathroom cleaners include shower cleaners that prevent water spots and reduce future cleaning efforts. For instance, a good water repellent for shower doors and a powerful toilet cleaner are indispensable.

Could you provide a deep cleaning checklist of items necessary for professional-level deep cleaning?

A professional deep cleaning checklist should include:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Streak-free glass cleaner
  • Multi-surface disinfectant spray
  • Heavy-duty degreaser
  • Scrub brushes
  • Vacuum cleaner with attachments

What is considered the strongest solution for tackling stubborn stains during deep cleans?

A strong solution for stubborn stains is a combination of baking soda and vinegar, which works well on many surfaces. For commercial products, consider using specialised stain removers designed for hard water buildup and soap scum.

Which all-purpose cleaner is preferred by experts in the UK for deep cleaning activities?

Experts in the UK often prefer multi-surface cleaners that are both effective and safe for various surfaces. Products like Dettol Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleanser are recommended for their versatility and germ-killing properties.

What are the best UK cleaning products known for leaving a pleasant fragrance after deep cleaning?

Many UK cleaning products are praised for their pleasant scents. Products like Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant offer a variety of fragrances while ensuring cleanliness. Scented multi-purpose sprays are also popular for leaving a fresh smell after cleaning.

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