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How to Get Wax Out of Carpet

burning candles how to get rid of wax on carpet
October 19, 2022

Having candles around the house can create a cosy and calm atmosphere. We all enjoy using them, not only on special occasions and holidays, but also at night when we want to rest peacefully after a hard day's work. However, these lovely accessories can occasionally leave unsightly wax stains on your tablecloth, sofa, or carpet, which are not always as easy to remove as they appear.

If wax gets on your carpet by accident, your best bet is to call a professional carpet cleaning service in London. With their expert knowledge, the expert cleaners can get the job done quickly and effectively, leaving your carpet looking like new.

If you're struggling with wax on your carpet and need a quick solution, our professional cleaners are just a call away. Contact us at 07557914387 or 02036215221, and we'll handle the mess for you.

However, if you still want to try removing the wax stain on your own, then you can follow the carpet cleaning tips we provide in this article.

How do you remove wax from carpet with an iron?

electric steam iron

Gather all the necessary tools and materials

In order to remove candle wax from your carpet, you will need to use some common household items, including:

  • steam iron
  • zipped plastic bag
  • ice cubes or something frozen (you can even use peas, meat, etc.)
  • terry cloth towel or something similar
  • dull knife (you can use a butter knife, for instance)
  • commercial carpet cleaning detergent (you can use rubbing alcohol alternatively)
  • vacuum cleaner

Get the wax cool

Place a plastic bag filled with ice or an ice pack on top of the candle wax stain. You can also opt for dry ice if you want to freeze the wax faster. Whatever you use, make sure it's contained in a bag or some kind of container, so it does not moisten the carpet. Allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes and then move on to the next steps.

A bag of ice will help to solidify the wax, allowing it to be easily separated from the carpet.

Remove the solid part of the wax

Once the affected area has cooled, take a butter knife or any other blunt knife and begin slowly and gently cutting into the hardened wax. Be cautious while doing so! You don't want to damage the carpet, you just want to scrape the wax.

In some cases, you might be able to completely remove the spilled candle wax this way, especially if you catch this early enough. However, if this method does not provide the desired results, then proceed to the next steps.

Absorb the wax with a steam iron

Get a steam iron and set it at a low temperature. Remember, you don't want to burn the carpet, you just want to get the wax off. Then lay a terry cloth towel or rag on top of the wax stain. Make sure to pick one that you don’t care about because you will probably have to throw it out afterwards.

When using the steam settings on the iron, you should not use paper products like napkins or paper towels because they may tear and rip during the process. If you're only going to use a hot temperature without steam, then you can place a paper towel or brown paper bag instead of clean cloth.

Run the iron over the towel or cloth, pausing every now and then (but not leaving it for too long on the same spot). You should notice that the wax starts releasing from the carpet fiber as a result of the heat interacting with the cold.

Continue ironing, shifting the towel to different spots and adjusting the parts of the towel that do not have wax clumped into them. Keep doing it until no more wax is left.

Please note! Before you begin ironing, you must first determine what type of carpet you have, whether it is polyester or nylon. It is essential because the different carpet materials require different ironing settings. For example, nylon carpet fibers should be treated at a lower warm setting than polyester fabrics.

Treat the spot with a carpet cleaner

household carpet cleaner solution

Take a cleaning product suitable for your carpet and use it to treat and clean just as you would any other kind of stain. All you need to do is follow the direction on the specified products. This step will help you remove any remaining wax and leave your carpet nice and tidy.

Alternatively to the carpet cleaner solution, you can use rubbing alcohol. This has the ability to work as a degreasing agent so that it can help you remove candle wax from your carpet. However, you must be very careful and use it lightly because it can also cause colours to fade. Always test the detergent on a small hidden area first.

Vacuum your carpet

Woman using vacuum cleaner at the floor

After treating your carpet with the appropriate cleaning solution, allow it to completely dry. Then get a vacuum and clean its surface thoroughly. This will help remove any remaining wax chunks as well as restore the texture of the carpet, leaving it fluffy and tidy.

Professional assistance for removing candle wax from carpet

Attempting to remove wax on your own can be difficult and time-consuming. Furthermore, some DIY techniques may be harmful to your carpet. If you want to effectively and safely remove candle wax from your carpet, it is best to seek the help of a professional carpet cleaning service.

Expert cleaners can assist you in eliminating stubborn stains from carpet and keeping your house clean. While you may be able to remove wax from carpet on your own, professional carpet cleaning ensures that your carpet is stain and wax free and in even better condition than before!

Frequently asked questions

What dissolves wax on carpet?

You can use a commercial solvent that is specially designed to resolve oil-based stains. Rubbing alcohol may also help break down spilled wax. However, this product might be not suitable for all kinds of carpet fabrics. You should always test it on a small, not visible area first before treating any stains on the surface.

Is wax easy to get out of carpet?

In some cases, you can easily get candle wax from carpet, especially if you act quickly after the accident. One of the simplest ways is to use a hot iron and a pack of regular ice. You will need to let the wax freeze and then use a clean towel and the steam setting of your iron to absorb the hard wax. Also, you can use a hair dryer instead of an iron to heat the wax and then separate it from the carpet.

Does boiling water remove wax from carpet?

Yes, boiling water may help soften the wax and get it out of carpet. However, it should be just below boiling, otherwise, it won't be effective. Other methods of removing wax stains from carpet include using an iron, hairdryer, dry ice or commercial carpet cleaners.

Can baking soda remove wax from carpet?

Baking soda alone may not get wax out of carpet. You will first need to absorb the wax using heat. Then you can use baking soda to get rid of any remaining wax. This home remedy can also help you clean stains such as red wine and coffee stains.

How to get hair removal wax out of carpet?

You can clean hair removal wax out of carpet using the same method of freezing and ironing. Place a damp towel over the wax and fold it in half. Set your iron to a low temperature and press it over the towel for 10 seconds. As the carpet heats up, wax will be drawn out and absorbed by the towel. Continue until all the wax is removed. Let the carpet air dry and then vacuum thoroughly to get rid of any loose particles.

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