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How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet

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March 3, 2022

Drinking red wine is commonly associated with a warm, cosy and happy feeling. However, spilling such a beverage directly on the carpet surface can quickly ruin that comfortable atmosphere. Unfortunately, it happens quite frequently, and its cleaning is rather annoying. Red wine stains can be among the most difficult to remove, especially when the blemishes have been there for some time.

Of course, the best way to deal with carpet stains is to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. However, it might be worth it, at least to try to remove the spot yourself first.

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We have gathered some useful tips to help you during this tedious cleaning process. So please continue reading!

What you can do to remove red wine stains from the carpet?

We have outlined some methods that may help you get rid of red wine on the carpet.

DIY stain removers

If the red wine stain is still fresh, you can use some DIY cleaning solutions such as baking soda, club soda, salt, vinegar, etc. However, bear in mind that these "do-it-yourself" methods do not always work. Also, in some cases, they can make the stain darker and worse.

Store-bought carpet stain remover

Markets are flooded with different brands and types of ready-to-use carpet stain removers. They are also available in different forms such as foam, liquid, sprays, etc. You can usually purchase them at your local retailer or online.

Professional carpet cleaning service

Many times the above methods will not yield the results you are looking for. In such cases, hiring professional carpet cleaning in London is your best bet. Specialist cleaners usually have the skills, products and equipment to remove even stubborn red wine stains.

Can baking soda remove red wine stains from carpet?

Baking soda is considered a natural solution for removing different kinds of stains, including those from red wine. In some cases, you may achieve quite good results using this product since it has abrasive and alkaline properties. However, such a stain removal method may not work, if you're dealing with a red wine spot that has been present for a long time.

How to get red wine out of carpet using baking soda?

To accomplish this, you will need an absorbent cloth, baking soda, and cold water.

  • You should first wipe the affected area with a rag to remove excess wine.
  • Then, combine baking soda with cold water in a three to one ratio and stir until making a paste.
  • Spread the baking soda paste onto the wine stain and wait a couple of minutes.
  • Then gently scrub the stained area with a wet clean cloth.
  • Wait until the carpet is completely dry and then vacuum it.

In some cases, you may need to repeat this procedure a few times until the stain has completely disappeared. If your spots are more stubborn, you might also need to allow the baking soda paste to act overnight and clean it the next day.

Does salt get red wine out of carpet?


Salt is another well-known product for eliminating red wine stain from carpet. Similarly to baking soda, salt is both abrasive and alkaline, and that is why it is able to draw the red wine out of the fabric. This technique is more likely to work if the stain is still fresh and hasn't penetrated the carpet fibers yet. If the stain lingers too long, the task becomes more difficult.

How to use salt to get red wine out of carpet?

The only things you will need are salt, dish soap and paper towels or cloth. You can then go through the steps below to clean the spot.

  • Wipe away spilled wine using a paper towel (try to soak as much liquid as you can).
  • Spread a generous amount of salt over the wine stain and let it sit for a while.
  • Next, wipe the area with a wet cloth and dishwashing detergent to remove residue.
  • When the fabric is dry, you may also vacuum it.

Usually, you will have to repeat this process multiple times to completely remove the stain.

Does vinegar remove red wine stains?

Bottle of vinegar

Vinegar is another natural product that you can use to treat red wine stains from carpet. Its acidic properties make it capable of neutralizing red pigments. However, as with other homemade cleaners, it should be applied right after the beverage has been spilt. If the wine has already penetrated the fabric, it might be difficult for you to clean it with just vinegar, salt, or baking soda.

How to clean red wine from carpet using vinegar?

All you need is clean clothes, a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, a tablespoon of white vinegar, and two cups of warm water.

  • Absorb as much red wine spill as possible from your carpet, using a clean cloth.
  • Pour warm water, white vinegar and dish soap into a small bowl.
  • Next, dip a clean, white cloth into the mixture and start gently rubbing the affected area.

Continue doing this until the spot is no longer visible.

Can hydrogen peroxide get rid of wine stains?

Yes, you might be able to remove red wine stains with hydrogen oxide, but there is also a great chance you will damage the fabric. It is best not to use it on coloured or darker carpets since it can cause discolouration. In any case, if you decide to use this solution, make sure to test it on an inconspicuous area before applying it to your carpet.

How do you remove a red wine stain with hydrogen peroxide?

You will need to use clean cloths, dishwashing soap, and hydrogen peroxide to get the job done.

  • Absorb any leftover liquid with a dry cloth.
  • Make a 1:2 mixture of dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Spread the solution directly onto the stain on the carpet.
  • Gently blot the stain with a damp cloth.

Repeat the process if necessary.

Do wine stain removers work?

Commercial carpet stain removers can sometimes effectively remove red wine stains from your carpet. However, it really depends on the product you choose, the material of your carpet as well as how old is the stain you are dealing with. For example, some older, dried stains are difficult to remove no matter how powerful the cleaning product is.

If you intend to target the stained area on your carpet using ready-to-use stain remover, make sure to follow the tip below.

  • Choose a product that is suitable for the type of carpet you have.
  • Ensure you use the carpet stain remover according to the directions on the label.
  • Always test the cleaning product on a hidden area of the carpet before spreading it onto the stain.

Remember that it is always better to treat the stain while it is still fresh. So you might want to keep a bottle of carpet stain remover handy.

How do you get old red wine stains out of carpet?

Professional carpet cleaning service

A professional carpet cleaning service is your best bet when it comes to removing an older and dried red wine stain from your carpet. The specialist will carefully examine the staining area and the carpet fibres. Following that, they will use the most suitable products and techniques to remove red wine stains from the carpet surface. Depending on the type of fabric, professional cleaners can either use steam cleaning or dry extraction technique to achieve the best results.

It is usually difficult to remove an old stain with baking soda, vinegar, or even commercial stain cleaning products. Using such methods in some cases may also cause the stain to darken and appear worse.


If you need professional carpet cleaning services in London, do not hesitate to contact Crystal Carpet Cleaners. Our cleaning experts are experienced in handling various types of carpets and stains. We use powerful cleaning techniques and eco-friendly stain removal products. Our company offers very affordable prices, which we believe is another great advantage. One of the other big pluses is that your entire carpet will be cleaned, not just the staining area.

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