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Self carpet cleaning at home vs professional

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January 22, 2020

You have to clean the carpet from time to time to destroy dirt, germs and restore their former attractiveness. There are several varieties of carpet products. Some of them you can use at home, others require professional cleaning service. In order not to spoil the product during self-cleaning, it is better to hand over the carpet to dry cleaning. If you don’t feel confident enough to use them by your own, don’t hesitate to call for help. In the next lines you will learn the difference between carpet cleaning at home vs professional.

Carpet Varieties

There are wide variety of raw materials, both natural and synthetic. Natural materials include wool, silk, cotton, linen, jute. Viscose, acrylic, polyamide carpets are synthetics. Also, the materials differ from each other by its structure and color. Each type of product requires a specific cleaning method. There are varieties of carpets that you can clean by yourself or call professionals with mobile equipment.

What types of carpets can we clean at home?

Synthetic carpets require unpretentious care. If you clean them properly it will brighten up the colors and shape. You can clean those made from natural raw materials, but they require meticulous processing from dust, germs, stains. Besides, it is tough to remove dirt, even with a vacuum cleaner and a steam generator. Self-cleaning can ruin an expensive product. Not all types of pollution you can clean at home. For example, hard-to-remove spots are almost impossible to remove on their own. It is difficult to remove the spots that remain from coffee, berries, pets. Besides, it's hard to get rid of some unpleasant odors and it would be best if you rely on the services of specialists for professional help.

Make yourself a homemade carpet cleaner

There are a lot of expensive carpet cleaning products in the market. To significantly reduce the cost, try cleaning your carpet with a homemade detergent. This remedy will be much cheaper for your household. In fact, there won’t be endless list of strong chemicals in its composition and most importantly it will clean well. All you have to do is prepare an empty spray bottle. Pour 1 tablespoon of baking soda inside; 1/3 cup of vinegar; warm water about 5 centimeters before the edge of the container and only 1 tablespoon of detergent. Then spray the dirty areas or the entire carpet, scrub and rinse. It is easy to clean and the results are remarkable!

Carpet types only for professionals (dry cleaning only)

Self-cleaning with a vacuum cleaner creates only the appearance of high-quality cleaning. When using conventional carpet care products, some parts of the dirt remains inside the pile, which creates favorable conditions for the propagation of harmful microorganisms, ticks. It is possible to clean the carpet only in factory conditions. At the end of the dry cleaning process, the fibers of the carpet become soft, the ornament is brighter. Carpets of any type can be cleaned at the factory: both from natural raw materials and synthetics. Dry cleaning is necessary for silk carpets; at home, the product is easily damaged. Woollen products are also best not to be washed at home, as are carpets made of synthetics having an adhesive basis.

The dry cleaning process and its advantages

The dry cleaning process is quite lengthy and consists of several stages:

  • Knocking out dust. It is carried out on a particularly powerful device; therefore. As a result, there is no dust left in the product.
  • Removing stains. Depending on the type of carpet and the type of pollution, a separate product is used.
  • It is the most crucial operation. It is carried out on a special machine in which there is the regulation of the spray head, depending on the thickness of the carpet. The equipment, due to automation, distributes the detergent throughout the product. At the same time, several brushes movealong the entire length of the unit, qualitatively washing away the dirt. Then, with the intense pressure of water, the carpet is rinsed, twisted into a roll and placed in a centrifuge. If some types of carpets do not tolerate wet cleaning, for example, silk, then other equipment exists for them. Purification is carried out in a dry cleaning unit, but without the use of water. As a result of using special solvents, the carpet at the exit is clean and dry.
  • After the product is removed from the centrifuge, it is placed in a warm room with proper ventilation and remains until it dries completely.
  • The last stage of dry cleaning is cosmetic: a pile is combed with a special brush, and, if necessary, the surface is polished with a vacuum cleaner.

The benefits of dry cleaning include:

  • quality and performance;
  • safety products;
  • safety for the health of owners, including children;
  • minimal time consumption;
  • disinfection and freshness using exclusive means.

After cleaning the carpet by professionals it becomes perfectly clean, fresh, beautiful. The level of cleanliness that is achieved as a result of dry cleaning cannot be achieved with self-cleaning at home. We highly suggest cleaning the carpet least once a year by professionals. This will help you get rid of germs, dust, dirt, substances that cause allergic reactions. Tired of doing this by yourself? Crystal Carpet Cleaners is here to help. Book anytime! And if you are interested in how to clean the house after a dog, this article is for you!

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