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Cleaning the house after a dog – how to do it?

Cleaning the house after a dog
December 18, 2019

Embracing life with a dog brings unparalleled joy and companionship, yet managing the mess that comes with our furry friends can often feel like a daunting task. From shedding fur and scattered food around their bowls to the occasional accidents and stains, maintaining a clean home requires constant vigilance. If you're navigating the challenges of keeping your space tidy in the presence of a canine companion and seeking effective, modern strategies for pet-friendly cleaning in 2024, this guide is tailored for you. Discover authoritative, reassuring advice that simplifies pet cleanup, ensuring your home remains a sanctuary for both you and your loyal friend.

Eco-cleaning is a must

Eco-friendly home cleaning is helpful for our four-legged friends. If we use toxic materials, the smell will stay in our home for a long time. And then pets can be seriously harmed. Dogs are showering around, lying on the ground and often spending all day at home while we are at work. Therefore, using environmentally friendly and biodegradable products is important. Even so, sometimes it is best to prepare the cleaning products ourselves.

Cleaning the house after a dog - vinegar and baking soda for urine stains and vomiting

Vinegar and baking soda are widely used at home cleaning. Bellow you can find some helpful vinegar cleaning recipes. As well as what are some things we should never clean with vinegar. With this recipe, you can remove stains and odour from urine and vomit on the carpet and furniture. Good thing is that you don't have to use toxic detergents. If the stain is still wet, take a dry cloth and try to absorb as much of the liquid from the carpet as possible. If you clean the vomit, you will need to gently scrape away the harder food residue with a dull knife or spatula. Sprinkle the stain generously with baking soda and let it stand for 10-15 minutes. You do this so, in order to absorb the unpleasant odors. Then clean the soda with a vacuum cleaner. Mix equal amounts of warm water and vinegar, pour into a spray bottle and spray the stain. Wait 2 minutes and pat on with a clean, dry cloth. Vinegar will be made with dirt, and soda will remove the odor.

Cleaning the hair from clothes and furniture

Whether you have a dog or a kitten, hair will become part of your daily routine. When we have a pet, we need to use a vacuum cleaner more often to avoid hair buildup. Use the furniture attachment to clean the sofa and armchairs. Unfortunately, cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is sometimes not enough, especially when you have a short-haired breed of a dog such as dachshund or pug. If the hair is too short and has been tight with the carpet and furniture, you can read our suggestions for effective hair cleaning with the help of handy, non-toxic materials.

Cleaning the house after a dog - keep your home clean longer

When you have a dog, it is crucial to establish rules for him. Where he can walk, whether to get on the furniture, etc. Provide your pet with a soft and comfortable bed just for him. If you leave it on the sofa next to you, cover the area with a blanket. It will be easier to clean the furniture damask. If your dog spills too much water and food while eating, you can put a special sponge or a feeding mat under his or her bowls. After eating, it will be easier to wipe the pad, or even rinse it under the tap water instead of washing the floor. Follow these tips so you can enjoy your dog's company without having to clean all the time. For cleaning the whole apartment or just carpet cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact us. Crystal Carpet Cleaners are ready to help.

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