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Spring Cleaning Guide

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March 19, 2020

Spring is the perfect time to clean and tidy up. This can be a difficult task, so find helpers. Boost your favourite music, follow our list of tips and take action. 

  1. Create your own spring cleaning list  Creating a to-do list will help you focus. Begin by listing each room and compiling a spring cleaning list for each room. For example Spring list for cleaning the bedroom:  
    • Decide which clothes to donate to charity.  
    • Clean the shelves with dust  
    • Ventilate and fold the clothes and arrange the wardrobe. 
    Write a name for each task so that each family member knows what they are responsible for.
  2. Create a list of required equipment Before you start counting the tasks on your list, collect all your cleaning equipment beforehand. Your spring cleaning list may include garbage bags, rubber gloves, cleaning sprays, a bucket, toilet cleaners, paper towels and anything else you need. 
  3. Remove junk from cabinetsEmpty your cabinets and reference what you own. Sort everything you own into three groups: things to keep, items to throw away or to give to charity. 
  4. Clean the dust on the inside of the storage cabinetsNow that your cabinets are empty and your belongings are sorted in clean piles, the next thing on your spring cleaning list is to clean your cabinet interiors. Wipe them off with a little moistened kitchen paper.  
  5. Organize Spring cleaning is the perfect time for a fresh start, rethinking the way you store your belongings and offering new storage solutions. 
  6. Also, clean the dust from objects before returning them to the cabinetItems that you have saved for a long time can collect dust that can contaminate the freshly wiped shelves, so do a quick wipe again before putting them back in your cabinets. This is easier, so ask the children to help you. They can wipe the items while you clean the shelves. 
  7. Spring cleaning of your kitchen and bathroom Take your cleaning sprays and clean your kitchen, including countertops and tabletops, and clean your bathroom, including your sink and bath. Make sure your house is well ventilated while doing this. After each surface glows, take a moistened paper towel for the sills to get rid of stubborn dirt and dust. 
  8. Leave the floor last Now your home is about to shine, but there is one last thing to check out for a spring cleaning checklist: floor cleaning. When you're done, you can finally rest your legs up. Literally - because your floor still needs time to dry! If you still do not want or can not do it yourself, we are at your disposal.  

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