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Rug Cleaning London

Crystal Carpet Cleaners offers professional rug cleaning services that meet the highest standards and expectations. We apply the safest and yet the best rug cleaning methods to extend the life of your fabrics. In addition, we can remove old stains and eliminate festering bugs that took shelter inside the fibres, leaving the surface fluffy and nice. Rug cleaning does require precision and skill. One step gone wrong and you end up with torn and rough-looking rugs. This is why our team comprises responsible and adept technicians who have the right expertise for this complex job.

Trusted Rug Cleaning & Rug Restoration

  • Environment, kid, and pet-friendly products
  • pH solutions for a delicate wash
  • Individual approach
  • Competitive prices

Since we have been in business for many years now, it's fair to say we have seen and handled hundreds of different rugs and carpets. Our service covers all types of rugs such as traditional Asian hand-knotted rugs, machine-made rugs, handmade rugs, Oriental, Persian rugs, wool rugs, acrylic rugs, and much more.

Rug cleaning london

Check our competitive prices on carpet cleaning in LondonRugs are high-traffic areas and as such, they get to wear and tear faster than anything else in your home. A lot of people attempt to do the cleaning themselves by using whatever products they have at hand. But they are unaware that this can do more harm than good. Harsh chemicals will ruin your precious items. The good news is, we prepare pH solutions in the most optimum concentration to keep the delicate fabric from deteriorating. Regardless of fabric type, our special pH cleaning solution removes bacteria and dirt from the surface, all the while keeping its colours bright.

Rug & Carpet Cleaning London: Techniques

Carpets and rugs are different. Some of them should never go near water, whereas others can handle some liquid. For this reason, our clients can choose from two types of cleaning techniques - dry and wet cleaning. We recommend steam cleaning rugs and carpets because it is a highly effective method. When paired with environmentally-friendly cleaning products and solutions, the end result is a fresh and clean fabric. Our rug cleaning company operates truck-mounted machines for optimum results. The staff will usually inject a hot-water solution into the rug so that it penetrates deep into the fibres (hot water extraction method). Dust mites, dirt, and other contaminants will be sucked up with the help of a vacuum. Dry cleaning is suitable for silk rugs, while other types of rugs require different solutions and techniques. Don't worry, our rug cleaning service offers versatile approaches, so we get you covered. Our cleaners are trained to remove everything from moderate to heavy staining, whether it be chocolate, coffee, glue, or oil, etc.. The way we do that is by ensuring every element of the rug cleaning service is up to par. Here is what this means:

  • Our staff is fully vetted and trained to perform amazingly at all times - they are skilled, knowledgeable and experienced at carpet cleaning services, rug cleaning, and other cleaning services
  • We bring into play tried-and-tested methods that secure us excellent results and 100% customer satisfaction
  • We are armed with first-rate rug cleaning equipment that is not available to the general public. It is biodegradable and doesn’t infuse your home with toxic smells, making it children and pet-friendly; plus, it doesn't damage rugs in any way
Rug cleaning london

Carpet & Rug Cleaning London: What Does the Process Entail?

Crystal Carpet Cleaners company provides quality care to help preserve the beauty and value of your area rugs and oriental rugs. Each delicate fabric requires individual attention; therefore, a professional carpet cleaning service is needed. It doesn't matter if you have wool rugs, silk rugs, Persian rugs, hand-made rugs, synthetic rugs, or others. 

Here is an overview of our cleaning process (steps may vary depending on the type and size of rug):

  1. Pre-Inspection: We will check your rug for discolouration, stains, odours and any existing wear and tear. A rug cleaner will explain in detail the process of oriental and area rug cleaning and what results you should anticipate. 
  2. Dusting: Our dedicated rug cleaners employ compressed air to remove dirt and dust lodged deep down in your rug's base. 
  3. Pre-Treatment: To pre-treat vine, urine, and other spots, the rug cleaning experts will use biodegradable products and a rug cleaning method of their choice. Alternatively, a combination of cleaning methods will be put into motion if needed. 
  4. Pre-Cleaning: A delicate, yet powerful, solution is sprayed over the areas that receive heavy traffic. It enables all dirt particles to be broken down, so our rug cleaning experts can remove the soil without damaging your rug. 
  5. Washing: Some antique rugs, oriental rugs, and other very delicate rugs will be washed by hand only. At this stage, your rugs will be washed with special shampoo and then rinsed with water. 
  6. Drying: Our experienced rug cleaning technicians will leave your rugs flat for a couple of hours and only then they will hang them out to dry. This step is vital for oriental rug cleaning because improper technique during this stage could damage a very delicate rug pile. 
  7. Post-Inspection: We will recheck your oriental and area rug inch by inch so there are no stains left (unless it’s permanent spots). Our skilled technicians will post-groom the fabric so it looks as good as new or even better.


  • Pre-inspection
  • Dusting / dry soil removal
  • Pre-treatment
  • Pre-cleaning
  • Washing/rinsing (steam cleaning or hot water extraction)
  • Drying
  • Post-inspection

Crystal Carpet Cleaning company delivers quality area rug and oriental rug cleaning services. We are proud of the work we provide to your home. Check our competitive and affordable rug cleaning prices. Our amazing customer service in London is available around the clock should you need more information or have an enquiry to make. We are open every day of the week, including Bank holidays. Don't be intimidated to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

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