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How to protect your loved ones and your home from viruses?

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March 25, 2020

How to protect your loved ones and your home from viruses?

Navigating through flu season requires a blend of personal vigilance and collective responsibility, especially as we encounter daily scenarios that increase our risk of exposure, such as commuting on public transportation. While it's crucial to shield ourselves from becoming a statistic in the rising tally of flu cases, our concern doesn't end with self-protection. For those of us who find ourselves under the weather, the imperative shifts towards safeguarding the health of our loved ones, aiming to prevent our homes from turning into breeding grounds for the virus.

This article is designed to arm you with a comprehensive strategy to combat the flu, detailing proactive measures and practical advice to fortify your defense against this seasonal adversary. From adopting rigorous cleaning regimes to embracing a culture of disinfection, our guide offers a blueprint to not just survive the flu season, but to do so while minimizing the risk to yourself and those around you. Read on to discover the essential steps, tips, and methods that promise to elevate your flu season preparedness to the next level.

  • Regular cleaning Doing the required cleaning at home is sometimes not enough. It is also mainly what preparations you use. The most effective cleaning products are antibacterial. The products we generally use contain less active substances and are less effective. We can replace these products or mix them with bleach or hydrogen peroxide. If you have a steam cleaner it is also advisable to use it. The high temperature it creates is ideal for clearing germs.
  • Avoid touching your face There are two ways to get infected. One is direct - if the patient is close enough to us and passes the infection on to us by air. The other is indirect. When we often touch our face and then touch other objects, we "infect" them too. That is why we must clean and disinfect all the objects and things that are often used by our family and us. For example, the fridge handle, the remote control, the phone, the tablet, the door handles and cabinets and countless others. Disinfect such items at least once a day. This reduces the risk that if the sick person touches them, you will become infected. Remember, the most commonly used and touched items are the most likely indirect infectious agents. Flu bacteria can live for up to 24 hours on an infected surface.
  • The golden rule - wash your hands regularly As young children, we have been taught how important it is to wash our hands frequently, and this is indeed true. It must be at least 20 seconds for the wash to be effective. We are sure that you have not thought so far, so we emphasize the following - be sure to change the sponge plates and hand towels frequently. They quickly become a nest of bacteria, and everyone uses these things.
  • Do not use too many detergents! Usually, we use more detergent to keep it cleaner at home. However, this can have unpleasant consequences. Excess detergents can cause some surfaces to break. It may also stain. Bleach can change the colour of some surfaces, so use it with care. Note that some cleaners do not act instantly but must be left to break down dirt. Therefore, read the instructions for use.   These easy-to-follow tips can be constructive. Do not underestimate the persistence of bacteria. Clean and regularly disinfect and wash your hands frequently!

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