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How to clean upholstered furniture?

How to clean upholstered furniture
November 25, 2019

Household textile surfaces of furniture, as well as carpets, are spaces that are very dirty and require constant maintenance.

Each cleaning company offers different treatment for cleaning upholstered furniture. Whether at home, in a public office or an office, upholstered furniture is not just an element of the interior that performs a decorative function. If you don't clean the sofa or armchair for a long time, it gathers more and more dust. Seeing that, it creates a favourable environment for the development of multiple insects and parasites (Akari). In turn, parasites impair the health of home residents who have allergies and respiratory problems.

An unhealthy microflora hurts healthy people and in no case should it be left to develop freely.

In this sense, the care of a professional cleaning company will help you not only to keep your home clean but also keep your family healthy. Modern methods of dry cleaning with new technologies and special detergents help our surrounding furniture.  to regain their original good appearance and significantly extend their service life. The day-to-day care of upholstered furniture in restaurants, cafes, shopping malls and public buildings is a need that their owners need to take into account. For people who spend half their lives at work, it is also clear that cleanliness, comfort and cosiness in the office are no less important than those in the home. Therefore, concerned about their employees, managers of companies and organizations regularly use the services of office cleaning companies not only from daily pollution but also for basic upholstery of upholstered furniture.

The removal of stains from textile surfaces requires the use of special preparations suitable for damask treatment and a compulsory professional approach so as not to damage the tissues.

Each cleaning company has the skills and experience of its employees to deal with these problems quickly and qualitatively. Specialists take care of cleaning textile and leather furniture, chairs, sofas, carpets, chairs, stools, pouffes and more.

We do professional dry-cleaning of upholstered furniture in several ways:

  • Deep dry cleaning
  • Deep wet cleaning
  • Anti-static treatment

The extensive experience in cleaning rooms of various sizes and types allows the company to develop highly efficient fabric cleaning technologies, which always gives an excellent result. To remove old stains, active formulations and an individual approach to each product are used, based on the employees' extensive experience.

The process of dry cleaning

It starts with complete dust removal with a unique vacuum cleaner for upholstered furniture. The next stage involves the removal of visible spots. To the extent that the contaminants are of different origin, a different preparation is used for each stain. This careful approach eliminates the possibility of damaging the fabric while also offering intensive dirt cleaning. We use environmental safety detergents for cleaning upholstered furniture, which has passed exclusive quality control.

Third stage of cleaning the furniture

Apply shampoo for deep removal of dirt and dust from the damask fibres. In other words, the textile shampoo contains anti-static ingredients and fabric-stabilizing softeners.

In the last stage

Remove the liquid and the shampoo with the help of an extractor - special carpet cleaning equipment. The extractor looks like a vacuum cleaner but is much more powerful. Working with it is quick, and the processing continues until the dry fabric of the roof fabric and the interior of the sofa, chair, and chair. You have to clean manually all the hard-to-reach areas. In addition to removing dust, dirt and micro-organisms, deep cleaning increases the resistance of furniture to wear.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets and textile paths are cleaned using a specific technology. It all depends on the type of surface, the general condition and the degree of contamination. When cleaners are professionals, they quickly determine the nature of the pollution and select the correct method and methods for its removal. As in the case of upholstered furniture, carpet cleaning is dry, moist and intense.

For dry cleaning

You can use certain powders, dry foams or granules. A particular machine with large, cylindrical brushes evenly distributes the detergent over the surface of the carpet, the pellets suck up dirt and then collect with a vacuum cleaner. Dry cleaning is suitable for small to medium levels of contamination.

Wet cleaning

After service use a low-foaming shampoo, which remains a great result. At the final stage of the process, extract the dirt from the carpet with an extractor. When it comes to filthy textile surfaces - chewing gum, blood, grease, etc., it needs intensive cleaning. A good cleaning company has an individual approach to every customer and every order. Only a careful analysis of the task ahead and the conscientious work make it possible to obtain the desired result. Don’t hesitate to contact out professionals from Crystal Carpet Cleaners. We will make sure that every corner of your house is perfectly clean and fresh.

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