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Is carpet cleaning safe for pets?

dog sleeping on a freshly cleaned carpet
May 13, 2022

Carpet cleaning is essential for good home hygiene but as pet owners in your home, carpet cleaning might not always be healthy for your pets, especially if you do not carefully choose your carpet cleaning solution.

It is good then that you have a number of good carpet cleaners to choose from so that you can effectively clean your pets' stains and dirt off the carpet without causing harm to their health.

When you use carpet cleaning products containing chemicals unsafe for your pets, it is similar to adding toxins to your pet's food. You might wonder how it is so, here is how; your pets spend a lot of time curled up on the carpet. So immediately after cleaning your carpets, they are most likely going to lie there, and then their paws pick up detergents from the carpets.

Then, why risk your pet's health for no reason when you can get safe carpet cleaning solutions or professional carpet cleaners in London that will help you get rid of pet stains, pet hair, dirt, odour, and sticky residue while keeping your pet safe? Our carpet cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and contain no harsh chemicals. Reach out to us today.

Which cleaning methods are the safest for pets?

You do not have to reach out to carpet cleaning companies every time you have cleaning problems, here are some DIY projects you can use to clean your space and get rid of unpleasant odours in your home.

Use of Baking soda

pack of baking soda

If you need a natural ingredient to get rid of your pet odours, go for baking soda. Baking soda is good to keep your dishes, sinks and pet bowl clean, and also gets rid of pet odours. Lightly sprinkle your carpet or rugs with baking soda, wait for some minutes (15 to 30 minutes) for it to settle in, and then vacuum it or clean it off with a clean towel and warm water.

Use of Vinegar

bottle of vinegar

Renovating and remodelling your home is good but the paint's order and fumes can affect not only you but also your pet's health. Vinegar is known as an odour remover, after repainting or using strong-smelling chemicals in your home, sprinkle vinegar around it to get rid of the odours.

Use of Lemon Essential Oils

lemons and essential lemon oil bottle

After getting your clothes, blankets, or carpets cleaned, you can make use of lemon essential oils to give them a fresh and nice smell. Add a few drops to the carpets after cleaning. It is safe for pets, so you have nothing to worry about.

Also, if you want to disinfect a surface, you can use a mixture of lemon juice, baking soda, tea tree oil, and liquid soap as a disinfectant. Lemon and its oil can be used for basic cleaning.

Use of Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking soda

If you need a method to get rid of your pet's urine, and remove stains while still keeping your pet safe, try the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixture. Clean off the stain with a dry cloth, then spray the area with the mixture.

Use of Carpet Shampoos

Regardless of how often you get rid of your pet messes off the carpet, you still need to thoroughly clean your carpets either by employing a professional carpet cleaner or by using carpet shampoo.

Mix your carpet cleaning solution with clean water, and run your vacuum cleaner over your carpet or rugs. Dry the carpet or rugs and you are good to go for some months again before another through professional cleaning.

The smell of the carpet cleaning solution can still linger and be inhaled by your pets. So, as pet owners, you have to be diligent in choosing your carpet cleaning products.

Tips for safe carpet cleaning for pet owners

Groom your Pets regularly

a woman grooming her dog

When pet owners find themselves regularly cleaning their pet beds and carpets, trying to get rid of the pet hair and stains, it might mean they are not properly grooming their pets. When you notice excessive growth of pet hair and claws in your pets, trim them off immediately.

Frequent shedding of pet hair means a frequent need for carpet cleaning services, which can cause permanent damage to the carpet fibres. Ensure you groom your dogs and cats at least once a month, then you can reduce the frequency of your carpet cleaning.

Train your Pets

To prevent the need for regularly having your carpet cleaned, train your pets on where and how to go about their business. Of all common pets, dogs can be harder to train, you need to always engage them in scheduled trips to teach them where to do their business to prevent urine on the carpet. After a while, they will get used to it and they will do their business outside the house only.

Position Your Rug Well

If you intend to prevent having your carpet cleaned all the time, you have to limit your pet contact with the carpet, especially if their paws are full of dirt stains. Place your rug near the door and the litter so that they can easily clean the dirt off their paws before climbing on the furniture or walking on the carpet.

Clean the Paws

You get easily prevent any stain on your carpet if you clean your pet's paw before they bring the dust in. Keep a spray bottle and a clean towel by the door to clean the pets' paws after outdoor walks. And when you notice any slight stain on the floor or carpet, you can quickly clean it off with the spray and towel before it gets dirtier.

Get Pet Safe carpet cleaning Solutions

Most professional carpet cleaners are starting to employ the use of a pet-safe carpet cleaner especially if they are using it in a pet owner's house.

If you are to get the service of a carpet cleaning company, let them know the type of carpet cleaners you prefer. If you are doing the carpet cleaning yourself, look at the ingredients of the cleaner and ensure you get pet-friendly products only.

Clean Immediately

You might not be able to contact a carpet cleaning company every time your pet stains the floors or carpet. Instead of waiting for a carpet cleaning company, use the natural carpet cleaning methods mentioned in this article, and vacuum the stained area, if you do not use a dry vacuum cleaner, air-dry the area immediately after, and let it dry off before you allow your pet on it again.

Get a Good Vacuum Cleaner

If you want to get rid of an old stain, excess pet hair, and any stubborn stain, you will need to invest in a good vacuum cleaner. Stain buildup gets harder to clean up as time goes on, but a powerful vacuum cleaner will do the work easily.

Stay Away from Harmful Cleaning Methods

Some of the dangerous cleaning methods are the use of dry shampoo, foams and powders, or as some may call it; encapsulating cleaning. Some of these cleaning products contain toxins and harmful substances that stay on the carpets for a while.

If a product or method causes soaks in, it will leave fumes and residues in the carpet that might be unremovable by a vacuum cleaner.

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