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How to Remove Paint from Carpet

How to Remove Paint from Carpet
January 1, 2014

The reason why “How to Remove Paint from Carpet” is the next article to be published by carpet stain removal guide is that paint can be the most damaging stains on your carpet if you will not act right away to remove it. Thus learning how to remove paint from carpet is a must for we don’t know during home or just room renovation periods our carpet could accidentally get them. Whenever you’ve accidentally spilled some paint on your carpet you have to act right away. You have the chance to revive your carpet while it's wet but if the paint is already dry there is a great possibility that your carpet has already been damaged. The following tips on how to remove paint from carpet are, I believe, of great help if you are in this certain circumstance, but if you are not sure what to call our Carpet Cleaners in London

Tips for Water Based Paints

Water-based paints can just be removed by using soapy water and simple blot and dry method. Just follow the steps below. Scrape excess water-based paint. The first thing you have to do is to remove excess latex paint by scraping it with a spoon or dull knife. You may also use cloth. Just blot it over to absorb the excess water-based paint. Use a sponge, dipped in water, to blot over the area. Do it from outer to inner part of the area. Prepare a dishwashing solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent and a cup of warm water. Now you have to blot the area with this solution using either a sponge or cloth. Repeat the procedure until no trace of paint can be seen by eyes. Rinse with water then blot to dry.

Oil Based Paints

Oil-based paints are a bit harder to remove compared to water-based paints since oil-based paints can not be removed by just applying water and detergent. The best solvent to use on oil-based paint is dry cleaning solvent. Steps are given below:

  • Pour a little bit of dry cleaning solution on the affected area.
  • Get a dampen towel or rag and blot or dab the area. Do this, again, from outer to inner.
  • Spray the area with your detergent solution then blot the area to absorb the solution. This time, the paint should be removed.
  • Rinse the carpet by spraying or pouring some water then blot to absorb the moisture.
  • Let the area dry totally before letting anybody else to use or step on it to avoid any additional dirt or stain.

Tips and Warning How to Remove Paint from Carpet

Avoid spreading the paint by just blotting and blotting. Never ever rub the area. If the paint is already dry its better to call some carpet cleaning experts to clean it to avoid or get rid any carpet damage.

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