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How to properly clean your home against a coronavirus

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November 20, 2020

Тhe spread of the COVID-19 virus is an increasing global problem, most of us have stayed at home, and so the resonant question arises - how to clean and protect our house from the coronavirus so that we can rest assured that our home is indeed our fortress?

Today we present you some household cleaning tips that you may know, but it is not useless to remind them again because in this case, they are essential to maintain our health and that of our loved ones. We are going to refer to the use of chemicals to eliminate microbes on surfaces. Disinfection does not clean furniture or remove pathogens, but destroys them. This can further reduce the risk of spreading infection.

And don't forget - wash your hands often, avoid communication with many people and if you can, stay home!

Family members can practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (tables, chairs, handles, taps, sinks, electric switches, desks, toilets, etc.) with household cleaners and EPA-registered disinfectants suitable for the respective surface, following the instructions of the labels. The labels contain instructions for safe and effective use of the cleaning product, including precautions to be taken when using it, such as wearing gloves and ensuring adequate ventilation during operation. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces in the common areas of the household each day.

Tip One: Clean and then disinfect - use a simple but working cleaning method in 2 steps - first clean and then pass the surface with a disinfectant. To initially clean the surface, you can use vinegar and a microfiber cloth or just hot water. It would be best if you then used an alcohol / alcohol-based disinfectant with at least 60% alcohol content. You can also use bleach preparations in them; they are also excellent disinfectants.

Tip Two: Leave your shoes by the door - they not only bring mud into our home but can potentially spread germs and viruses. For this reason, try not to have shoes all over your home, but only in the hallway near the door. It would help if you also cleaned the floor around the front door with the necessary preparations for this purpose, clean regularly and clean the soles of the shoes you go out with.

Tip Three: Don't miss the crucial surfaces - it's easy to remember that we need to disinfect open surfaces such as the toilet and kitchen countertops, but we also need to clean those we often touch without realizing it, such as door handles, lamp keys and railings. Use bleach or another type of disinfectant and wipe thoroughly with a towel all these critical surfaces that we touch dozens of times a day! First, spray the product on a towel and then wipe the surface.

Tip Four: Pay attention to shared devices - all people at home have technological gadgets that the whole family uses and logically touches them - remote, tablets, home phone, game consoles. They are a magnet for germs, and it is essential to clean them every day with a soft towel sprayed with water and then with a towel sprayed with disinfectant. The sticks for ears can help clean the small spaces between the buttons of the remotes.

Tip Five: Use a steam cleaner - steam is an excellent ally in killing germs and removing dust and pollution. Steam cleaners can be used on all kinds of waterproof surfaces and are a great way to refresh and protect against germs. If you have such a device - use it boldly!

Tip Six: Wash well the towels with which you clean and change them often - when trying to protect your home from viruses and microbes, it is not good to use a rag or a towel to clean each surface, because this way you can spread the germs everywhere and achieve the opposite. For each surface, you should take a new towel, sponge or rag. If you think that the towel can be used again, you can do it, but before that wash it thoroughly with warm water.

Tip Seven: Disinfect thoroughly - how effective disinfection is and whether you have managed to kill all microbes depends not only on the content of the detergent itself but also on the duration of the detergent on the surfaces. This "contact time" is needed to get the most out of the disinfectant. Use detergents that guarantee 99.9% killing of microbes and let them act on the surface for at least 2-3 minutes.

Keeping all the measures and cleaning your home often will prevent your home from the virus. However if you think you can't manage to all that cleaning or you think your cleaning methods won't be enough, you can contact us: Crystal Carpet Cleaners, and we will do the work for you!

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