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How to get stains out of carpet: Chocolate

How to get stains out of carpet: Chocolate
September 25, 2019

We are company, that specialize in Carpet Cleaning, End of tenancy cleaning and other cleaning services, but we can give you some advices how to get chocolate stains out of your carpet. As we all know, our carpet is so prone to stains. Yes, my carpet get stains often times since it is exposed to people as it is on the floor which we are walking on every day.  The more it is exposed to usage, the greater chances for our carpet to accumulate stains from different kinds of carpet stain sources. Our carpet can get lots of stains if we have kids. You know, kids always want to play. And they are not that aware of what they are doing. Sometimes they are eating foods and then throw it wherever. So, our carpet then gets stains. Today, I have prepared some tips on how to get stains out of carpet. Below are the steps on how to get stains out of carpet. I just chose the most common carpet stains.

How to get stains out of carpet: Chocolate

  1. Whenever you saw chocolate stains on your carpet, you have to act right away. The longer we let it be there, the harder for us to remove chocolate stains from our carpet.
  2. The first step on removing chocolate carpet stains is to scrape excess chocolate. If it's a bit liquid you have to let it hard first by chilling with ice cubes. When it's a bit harder, get a knife and scrape it. Put in on a piece of paper then throw. Once you are done scraping, you kneed to clean the knife as well to get rid of spreading the chocolate stains.
  3. Checking the type of carpet is the next step. You have to check the type of carpet because for every type of carpet has certain cleaning techniques needed. For example, carpet made of natural materials like grass, sisal or wool can be damaged by too much liquid. If you arent sure what technique can be applied for your carpet then you have to contact carpet cleaning experts.
  4. Prior to proper cleaning, you have to test if the carpet won't bleach with the carpet stain removal solution you are planning to use.
  5. To initially clean the chocolate stains, put over the chocolate stained area a clean cloth with alcohol. Press it using a spoon. Alcohol will take away the fat from chocolate which will make it a lot easier to remove the chocolate stains.
  6. Clean the area using your detergent solution. Dampen your clean cloth and press it over the chocolate stained area.
  7. Blot the area to remove extra liquids.
  8. Repeat the procedure until the area is totally clean.
  9. Rinse by spraying liquid then blot.
  10. Let the area dry by putting a clean white cloth. Put some weights over the clean white cloth. Finally, it can be a difficult job, so contact us. We know how to get chocolate stains out of your carpet. Carpet Cleaning in London for only £18
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