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How to Get Paint Out of a Carpet?

how to get rid of paint from the carpet
October 31, 2022

While painting walls is usually an exciting project, it can also be quite messy and cause problems. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, paint spills and drips do happen. But it can be particularly unpleasant when this happens on your carpet and the paint spread out over a large area.

Fortunately, there are some tricks that can help you quickly deal with this problem, and we will look at them in this article. However, if the stains on your carpet are too old and difficult to remove, it might be best to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to do the job for you.

Removing paint from your carpet can be a tricky process. If you're unsure how to proceed without damaging your carpet, our professional cleaners are ready to assist. Call us at 07557914387 or 02036215221 for expert cleaning services that ensure your carpet looks as good as new.

How to remove paint from the carpet?

You can try to get rid of the stain on your own or hire a professional carpet cleaning service in London to do it for you. When it comes to DIY cleaning, you have plenty of options, from home remedies such as dishwasher liquid and hot water, laundry detergent, and vinegar to ready-to-use carpet paint removers. However, in order to find the best method for dealing with the problem, you first need to consider a few key things.

Factors to consider before you clean up paint stains

  • Is the stain fresh or is it dried? Fresh and dried paint stains usually require different cleaning approaches. Of course, it would be much easier to clean the stain immediately after the accident happen. However, it is not always possible. Sometimes, you might not notice that you have dropped some paint during the painting process. In other cases, you may not even be responsible for the stains, if you are moving into a new house, for example.
  • What kind of paint do you have to deal with? Is it water-based paint or oil-based paint? It is an important factor that you need to consider before choosing a cleaning approach. Water-based paints such as acrylic paint and latex paint are usually easier to get out of carpet fibres. However, this task is not that simple when you have to deal with an oil-based paint spill.

How do you get fresh paint out of the carpet?

watercolor paints and paintbrushes.

If you need to clean spilt paint out of your carpet, then take the steps outlined below.

Prepare your tools

You will need the following tools and materials:

  • Clean cloth or paper towel
  • Dull knife or putty knife
  • Hot water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Vacuum cleaner

Start cleaning the wet paint

  • Try to collect as much wet paint as you can by using a dull knife. Be sure not to scrub the staining area since you may damage your carpet fibres.
  • Get a paper towel or clean cloth and start getting the excess paint up off the floor. Do not rub the staining area so that you avoid pushing the paint deeper into the fibres.
  • For wet acrylic paint or wet latex paint, use a wet paper towel or cloth to blot the paint residue. This might be enough to get rid of the stain.
  • For a fresh oil paint spill, make a solution of hot water and dish soap, dunk a clean cloth in the mixture, and then rinse the affected area with it. Try to clean off as much paint as possible. If you cannot remove it completely, then use a solvent for paint.
  • Let the carpet dry and then vacuum it to get rid of any remaining paint flakes.

How do you get dried paint out of the carpet?

woman cleaning striped carpet with spray and rag

Dry paint stains are usually much more difficult to remove, especially when it comes to oil-based paint stains. Here, we will provide you with some tips and tricks that may help you deal with unpleasant spots.

Tools and materials that you will need

  • Clean cloth/ Paper towels
  • Putty knife/ dull knife
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Hot/ cold water
  • Paint thinner
  • Carpet steamer
  • Vacuum machine

Removing dried water-based paint

  • Make a mild dish soap and water solution and pour it into a spray bottle. Apply the mixture to the stained area and gently rub it with your fingers or a soft bristle brush. Let the solution sit for a few minutes until it starts to look a little bit watery.
  • When the paint stain is softer, begin to gently scrape it by using a knife. Then get a damp cloth and try to remove excess paint. If needed, apply more of the homemade cleaning solution. Keep wiping (no rubbing) until the stain is gone.
  • If you have to deal with more stubborn paint stains, use a steam cleaner to remove them completely.
  • Once your carpet is stain free, leave it to air dry and then vacuum it thoroughly.

Removing dried oil-based paint

  • Try to soften the paint with hot water and dish soap. In case you find it difficult, use a steam cleaner.
  • Use a dull knife to get rid of any chunks. Be sure to scrape gently so that you do not damage the carpet fibres.
  • Get a damp rag and start gently blotting the excess moisture. Also, make sure to remove any flakes left from the paint.
  • Get a white cloth and paint thinner recommended for the paint (read the fine print on the paint label) and dab the affected area. Keep blotting (not scrubbing) until the stain is gone.
  • Use a dish soap and water cleaning solution to get rid of the leftover paint. Then clean the area with lukewarm water.
  • Let your carpet dry completely and then vacuum it.

Professional carpet cleaning service for paint stains

Old and stubborn stains might be difficult to remove, especially those caused by oil-based paints. In such cases, your best bet is to call a professional carpet cleaner for help. Expert carpet cleaners have the skills and equipment to deal with various kinds of stains. They know the best techniques for removing paint without causing any damage to the carpet fibres.

Frequently asked questions

What product gets paint out of carpet?

Turpentine or paint thinner is known to be helpful when it comes to cleaning paint from carpets. Nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol are also claimed to be effective in removing such kinds of carpet stains. However, such products may also damage the carpet fibers. You must always test the solution on a small, invisible area of the carpet before using it.

Does vinegar remove paint from the carpet?

Applying a few drops of white vinegar to a stain caused by latex or acrylic paints can promote its softening and easy removal. However, such a natural remedy might be not as efficient in getting oil-based paints out of the carpet.

Will baking soda get paint out of the carpet?

Applying a baking soda and warm water mixture can help you soften a paint stain. However, it is possible that this solution alone will not be able to resolve the issue and completely remove the mark. This is especially true for stains caused by dried oil paint. In such cases, you may need to use a steam cleaner and appropriate solvent in order to remove the stain.

What is the best way to remove dried oil-based paint from the carpet?

Hiring а professional carpet cleaning service is one of the best, safest, and most efficient ways to remove dried paint or other stains and spots from your carpet. The specialists have the knowledge and equipment required to deal with both oil-based and water-based paints.

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