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How to disinfect the car against a coronavirus

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November 11, 2020

The coronavirus epidemic and calls for social distance have made the car a preferred means of transport for millions of inhabitants of the planet. However, recent studies by the Australian Chamber of Automobile Industries (FCAI) show that the car also needs daily disinfection to prevent it from becoming a site spreading the infection.

You may not believe it, but there is an average of 9 times more germs on the steering wheel of the car than on the plate of a public toilet! However, microorganisms are also discharged along with the gear lever, on seats, on the surface of the dashboard, on the screen of the infotainment system and various buttons and switches. Added to this is the proximity of travellers, which increases the risk of bacilli transmission by airborne droplets. All these are ideal prerequisites for the spread of the new Coronavirus. And even if you travel alone in the car, there is still a risk of infection due to contact with the same surfaces.

Areas that are touched most often from the hands need to be disinfected after each trip. This should be done with a disposable mask and gloves. Once a week it is good to treat the whole car against viruses, visiting a car wash. It is recommended that the cabin be ventilated after each trip and that the filter for the air entering the cabin be replaced more often than usual.

Here are some tips you could follow to keep your car clean:

  • Use antibacterial wipes to clean areas that are continuously touched after each trip.
  • Before boarding the car, wipe with antibacterial wipes all door handles and the button to open the trunk.
  • After each trip or before departure, disinfect the door handles, the steering wheel, the automatic gear changes, the electric glass buttons, the turn signals, the air conditioning and radio buttons, the multimedia system screen, seats, interior grippers, doors, armrests, cup holders, ventilation openings and others.
  • Limit the maximum number of passengers you share the vehicle with.
  • Do not use aggressive chemicals such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide or high concentration alcohol to disinfect the car. They can damage lacquered and painted surfaces, ruin leather upholstery and plastic elements.
  • After each refuelling, working with terminals to pay and touching banknotes and coins, wash or disinfect your hands. Observations show that these simple measures can prevent the spread of the Coronavirus without seriously limiting mobility, summarized by FCAI.

According to experts, the gear lever, all opening systems for the doors, seats and the surface of the dashboard are the most problematic areas. However, the steering wheel turns out to be the place where there are the most microbes. Excessive cleaners should not be used in the car, as they can damage the surfaces. Even a solution of soap and water and a microfiber cloth is sufficient. Handkerchiefs with a minimum of 70% alcohol content are also a convenient option on the go. However, regular use is not recommended in the long run. The reason - most skins are painted, and over time alcohol can change colour. Ozone the body with a particular machine is the most modern disinfection technology and remove the bacteria from the air conditioning system most efficiently. According to SBA experts, there are products that drivers should not use on the interior. These are bleach or preparations with hydrogen peroxide. Although proven in the fight against the Coronavirus, they damage the upholstery. From there, it is recommended not to disinfect touch screens with preparations containing ammonia, as they damage their coatings against flashes and fingerprints.

If you are driving a car in the current situations and most probably it is essential to do your work, sooner or later you will need to put some fuel. Even on the gas station pay attention to the hygienic measures. Keep to a minimum the conversation and keep the minimum social distance. Choose gas stations that are self-serviced, wash your hand or at least disinfect them after refuelling or touching the banknotes to pay. Last but not least don't keep any rubbish in our car, because firstly it is not healthy for you, then you are just calling the germs in your car to spread even more.

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