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How to Deep Clean Carpet by Hand

How to Deep Clean Carpet DIY
April 8, 2022

As far as deep carpet cleaning goes, we always encourage clients to reach out to our experts in London. No one is more prepared and qualified than a professional carpet cleaner or technician with cutting-edge equipment. But we also know that you may be tempted to DIY first before you hand over the task to someone more experienced. That's why we've prepared a few deep carpet cleaning hacks that you can incorporate into the job so as not to ruin your valuable items. Take notes.

Do you need professional help with deep cleaning your carpet instead? Feel free to give us a call at 07557914387 or 02036215221. Now let's get into this.

How long does it take to deep clean a carpet?

How long does it take to deep clean carpet?

It should take a little longer than normal. There are a lot more steps involved than what you typically aim for with regular cleaning. The purpose of carpet deep cleaning is to get to those hard-to-reach areas deep down the fibres. This allows you to get rid of tough stains and stubborn dirt that won’t respond to simple treatments. It also involves heavy-duty products and machines.

The average time varies based on the carpet size. The other thing that will impact the timeframe is whether there is any furniture or belongings that you need to move around so they don’t get in the way.

With that said, the job may take up to an hour. This is because some ingredients like baking soda, dish soap, and kosher salt take longer to take effect on stain areas. For some people, it will be 30 minutes.

Tips to do an outstanding job and avoid damaging your carpet:

  • Prepare the products and tools you're likely to use. What you'll need is: a bucket, cleaning machine, clean towels, baking soda, salt, spray bottle, small bowl, vacuum machine, cleaning gloves, etc.
  • Clear the entire area of any objects or furniture. It will save you lots of hassle and time.
  • Vacuum the whole carpet or rug well before you proceed with the actual cleaning. This is a great way to get rid of loose dirt, dust, debris, crumbs, pet dander, etc.
  • Make sure to distribute the cleaning solution evenly.
  • Let the product sit for a few minutes prior to rubbing it in. This step does half the work. The more time for the product to act on, the more grime, dust, debris, and dirt it will break down. As a result, you won’t have to do much scrubbing afterwards.
  • Go easy with the sponge, old toothbrush, or scrub brush; remember that you’re dealing with a delicate piece.
  • To evenly distribute the cleaning solution as you're applying it, scrub in all directions. But let’s say you let that product work for several minutes and now you want to give the fabric another scrub. Always work in one direction. This will help the grime gather on one end instead of spreading around and making a bigger mess.
  • Leave the entire carpet to dry completely before walking on it again. You can also vacuum it once it's dry.

How to deep clean a carpet by hand

How to deep clean a carpet by hand

So, how do you deep clean carpet by hand? We would like to warn you that this is a time-consuming task. You can apply a special cleaning solution from the supermarket or a homemade carpet cleaning solution with ammonia. Use 1l of clean water and ammonia (2 tbsp), spread it evenly over the targeted area and scrub the carpet with a brush. Wipe down with a wet towel and let the carpet dry on its own. Be sure to open the windows to accelerate the drying process, as well as eliminate the unpleasant odour of the cleaning solution.

Here are several tips on how to deep clean carpet naturally:

  • go for a steam cleaner;
  • use a combination of cornstarch, baking soda and borax to hand clean;
  • stick with white vinegar and cold water that you mix in a bucket or small bowl depending on the amount you need;
  • opt for borax and table salt.

How to Clean a Disgusting Carpet by Hand

You'll need:

  • A bucket
  • Warm water
  • Mild detergent or carpet shampoo
  • A scrub brush or sponge
  • White vinegar (optional, for odour and stain removal)
  • Baking soda (optional, for tough stains and odours)
  • Clean towels or cloths
  • A spray bottle (optional)

  1. Step 1: Prepare the Cleaning Solution

    Mix warm water with a small amount of mild detergent or carpet shampoo in a bucket. For odour removal, add a half-cup of white vinegar to the solution.

  2. Step 2: Clear the Area

    Remove any furniture or items from the carpet to expose the entire surface that needs cleaning.

  3. Step 3: Vacuum Thoroughly

    Vacuum the carpet to pick up loose dirt, dust, and debris. This step is crucial for the best cleaning results.

  4. Step 4: Test the Cleaning Solution

    Apply a small amount of the solution to a discreet area of the carpet. Check for colour fastness. If the carpet’s colour remains unchanged, proceed.

  5. Step 5: Apply the Cleaning Solution

    Dip the scrub brush or sponge into the solution. Wring out excess liquid to avoid soaking the carpet. Scrub the dirty areas of the carpet with the brush or sponge, applying gentle pressure.

  6. Step 6: Tackle Tough Stains

    For tough stains, sprinkle baking soda on the stain and spray with the vinegar and water solution. Let it fizz and sit for about 10 minutes, then scrub and blot up the residue with a clean cloth.

  7. Step 7: Rinse the Carpet

    Using a clean cloth and clear water, rinse out the soap from the carpet. Do not overwet the carpet; just dampen it enough to remove the cleaning solution.

  8. Step 8: Dry the Carpet

    Blot up as much water as possible with clean, dry towels or cloths. Open windows or use fans to air dry the carpet completely.

  9. Step 9: Vacuum Again

    Once the carpet is completely dry, vacuum again to remove any loosened dirt and to help lift the carpet fibres.

How to deep clean shag carpet

Prior to cleaning your carpet, check out the tag list for specific instructions on what you should and shouldn’t use. Some shag carpets don’t tolerate much water and had better be dry cleaned. Others can be washed with warm water plus a non-foaming carpet cleaning solution. If yours is safe to wash, use mild soap on it, brush it gently with a scrub brush, and rinse. Hang it outside until it dries completely.

If it should be dry cleaned, you need to get your hands on a special dry cleaning agent and follow the instructions on the bottle. For dry cleaning, we recommend resorting to professional services.

How to deep clean carpet with dog pee

How to deep clean carpet with dog pee

For this one, your best option is to utilise an enzyme cleaning solution. Whether it’s one made by yourself or it’s something you bought from the local supermarket, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is spray it liberally on the stain and wait for 30 minutes.

Before you clean your carpet or area rugs, you want to absorb the urine stain with paper towels.

Another way to tackle urine from your pets is to fill a bottle with good old vinegar and water, then spray it on the carpet. It’s also a smart idea to add 1 tablespoon of salt and a squirt of dish detergent for a more powerful combo. Let it rest for a few minutes and then run a sponge over it. Use a wet clean rag to rinse and then blot with a dry towel.

How to deep clean carpet stairs

Start at the top of the staircase. To loosen stains and dirt, vigorously brush the surface, working your way down. You should aim to push any dirt down the stairs until you reach the floor. Now, go over the carpet or area rugs with a regular vacuum cleaner. Following that, sprinkle carpet shampoo on the fabric and add warm water.

This is usually done with a special attachment on a cleaning machine. If you don’t have one, you will have to do everything by hand. Mind you that this is a time-consuming and labour-intensive cleaning process.

The last step is to suction the excess water with a special machine. There are portable models that you can rent. Alternatively, you can put a clean cloth on each section to help it dry faster but that will take days to work.

How to deep clean carpet floor mats

Take your floor mats outside. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar. There is no need to add water to it. Prep the surface by brushing back and forth with a soft-bristled brush. Next up, apply general amounts of white vinegar and continue brushing. Opt for a garden hose with a high-pressure head to finish off the job. Leave the items in the sun to dry.  

How to deep clean carpet in car

How to deep clean carpet in car

Buy a bottle of carpet cleaner from the store. It’s best to use one that comes in the form of a spray. Apply generous amounts of it on all carpet surfaces in your car. To help the cleaning agent go deep into the rug or carpet fibres, scrub with a brush in different directions.

Now, grab an absorbent towel and run it over the fabric. Let it pick up the dirt that was just loosened up. Work your way back and forth. When you are finished, suction any remaining grime with a handheld vacuum. You may want to pass the towel over the carpet one last time.

If you are wondering how to deep clean RV carpet, follow the same steps from above. Alternatively, you could book our car upholstery cleaning service in London and save yourself the hassle.

What is the best homemade carpet cleaning solution for deep cleaning?

Vinegar is that magic ingredient that has mild disinfecting properties due to the presence of acetic acid. It is among the most amazing homemade carpet cleaning solutions because of its ability to kill some viruses and bacteria in addition to removing stains.

It should be noted that the most common product used for cleaning is white vinegar. It contains between 5% and 10% of acetic acid; and the rest is water. Higher acid content is available in products employed for agricultural reasons, but most likely they are not sold over-the-counter.

Apple cider vinegar has a slightly lower acidity ranging between 5% and 6%.

From there, you should try various carpet cleaning solutions, such as diluting it with water at a 1:1 ratio. Alternatively, you can add other ingredients like dish soap and borax. If there is a stain or ground-in dirt, throw in cornstarch or baking soda for that tremendous effect on the stained areas.

Now, for many years we've been led to think the bicarb soda-vinegar combo makes a power cleaner for dirt and stains. But have we all been wrong this whole time? Evidence is starting to point out that the reaction does not produce any better results and can in fact lower the effectiveness of either ingredient.

Don’t get this the wrong way, the mixture won’t hurt you. It won’t damage your carpets or rugs either. However, it’s not as good at cleaning as using these homemade ingredients separately. So, just don't mix these two cleaners and you will be fine.



Bottom line

You can do a deeper clean on your carpet all by yourself. You just need to prepare some tools and products ahead of time. It’s also vital to be patient and consistent. Don’t forget to read the instructions on the back of the products and consult the labels of your precious possessions to find out what works for them.

If you aren't confident in your skills, don’t fret. Feel free to call us for a professional carpet cleaning service in London and stop worrying about whether or not your equipment is suitable for the task at hand. Our cleaners remove dirt, soil, unpleasant odours, and bad stains from all types of carpets and rugs.

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