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How Much to Clean a Rug - Professional Rug Cleaning Cost Guide in 2024

how much to clean a rug uk
February 15, 2024

When scheduling a professional rug cleaning in London, it’s normal to wonder how much it can cost to get your floor coverings back to looking as good as new. It’s worth knowing what factors play into the price formation. Down below, we provide a rug cleaning cost guide to help you better understand the prices associated with professional rug cleaning and make an informed decision.

If you're looking for affordable rug cleaning in the London area, feel free to check out our rug cleaning prices page.

Rug Cleaning Cost Based on Rug Type in the UK

Now, let’s dissect the average cost of rug cleaning services per square metre*. It seems that Oriental and Persian rugs are among the most expensive.

Wool Rugs - £15-£30 per sq m

This material is famous for its resilience and durability. It’s made of sheared sheep fur. Wool fibres can bounce back when they are stepped on, which preserves their appearance. As far as cleaning is concerned, wool rugs are a more cost-effective option. The average professional rug cleaning cost starts at an estimated £15.

We've written a helpful guide on how to clean wool a rug at home if you're into DIY cleaning.

Silk Rugs - £20-£40 per sq m

Being overly delicate, silk is one of those materials that don't thrive in heat. In other words, silk rugs have to be handled with care so they don’t shrink or deteriorate in quality. Silk rug cleaning starts at an estimated £20.

Persian Rugs - £30-£60 per sq m

Persian rugs are one of the most expensive pieces out there, especially if they are woven with traditional techniques like the ones they use in Iran. Since the fabric is so special, it also requires special attention. Thus, rug cleaning prices are high. A great aspect of this is that these items can actually last 200 years.

Oriental Rugs - £30 per sq m

Authentic Oriental rugs are made of silk or wool by experienced weavers. They should be hand-washed to prevent bleeding. Usually, a multi-step process is required. The material is water-absorbent which makes steam cleaning unsuitable for it.

If you're like to clean it yourself, you can follow our guide on how to clean an oriental rug.

Sheepskin Rugs - £40 sq m

There are both natural and synthetic options here. The latter is manufactured from plastic or acrylic paired with wool fibres. Synthetic rugs are less expensive. They can be washed with a steam cleaner. Some of these pieces may also be machine-washed.

Natural fibres, on the other hand, bulk up the price per square metre since they are made of authentic wool.

We've written an extensive guide on how to clean a sheepskin rug if you're interested in giving it a try yourself.

*Your professional rug cleaning cost will be individual and may differ based on your location and rug cleaning needs

What are the Different Professional Rug Cleaning Methods?

Rug cleaners are taught several cleaning techniques based on the type of fabric. Here are the most common ones they apply:

  • Steam cleaning - It employs hot water and is therefore suitable for fabrics that can tolerate high temperatures and some moisture. People also refer to this carpet cleaning technique as hot water extraction.
  • Cold water extraction cleaning - Cold water is infused into the rug. As it is suctioned with a powerful vacuum, dirt and soil are pulled from the fibres.
  • Dry cleaning services - dry cleaning is right for cleaning carpets and rugs that are not particularly dirty.
  • Foam cleaning - It’s great for delicate fabrics that tend to shrink or get damaged if the above treatments are used. Since it involves no liquids, foam cleaning is perfect for 100% wool, linen, and suede.
  • Deep cleaning - if you have an old and extremely soiled rug or carpet, a deep clean can restore its original appearance.

Keep in mind that delicate rugs require special attention and may be more costly to clean. Always ask about the rug cleaning prices upfront to ensure your budget can allow it. That's what a free quote is about.

What Goes Into the Average Rug Cleaning Cost?

When you take your floor coverings to a professional rug cleaner, they will take into consideration several factors before offering a price. Here are some of the things that go into the cost of a professional rug cleaning service.

Size of the rug

One of the main factors is size. As you may have noticed, the rug cleaning cost is formed per square metre. This means that the larger the piece, the heftier the price. After all, a large rug requires more labour and cleaning products than a small rug.

Condition of the rug

If a rug is in poor condition, it will be more challenging to clean it; not to mention, great results won't be guaranteed. You’ll need deep cleaning which requires extra products and effort to perform. Therefore, the more stubborn stains and dirt there are, the bigger the number on the price list.

Rug types

Some fabrics are easy to clean and maintain, while others aren’t. The more delicate materials don’t respond well to aggressive treatments, hence they need individual attention from a rug cleaning specialist. This adds to a time-consuming process.

Special rug cleaning treatments land stain removal

Sometimes when you are having your rug cleaned, additional treatments are necessary to do a satisfactory job. For example, heavily soiled rugs need a pre-treatment that aims to loosen dirt and prepare stains for further treatment. You can also order anti-insect or stain protection treatments.

What Tools Are Used for Cleaning Rugs and Carpets?

Every type of cleaning requires several basic tools to get going. Here is what professional cleaners may use to clean your rug:

  • Rug shampoo: This is a type of detergent that is specifically designed for natural fabrics. It can remove stains and oils, as well as deeply embedded grime. The gel-like substance can be applied with a sponge or a brush.
  • Rug brush: The brush helps the cleaners to loosen grime and stains. It also pushes pet hair away from the rug fabric. This is not the standard stiff hand-held scrubbing brush we're talking about; it’s more like a broom with bristles on the end.
  • Rug pad: Professional cleaners may use this tool to protect the fabric from damage. It’s a sheet they lay under the rug whose purpose is to serve as a buffer between the floor and said rug.
  • Rug vacuum cleaner: Like other vacuum cleaners, this one suctions food, grime, and other debris from the fabric. It should include a HEPA filter so it can remove allergens and dust from the air as it is working.
  • Other tools that may be needed to clean a small rug or a large rug: a sponge, bucket, rubber gloves, rug cleaner, etc.

How Can I Lower the Rug Cleaning Cost?

Here is what you can do to lower your professional rug cleaning cost.

Pair cleaning services (rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, steam cleaning, etc.)

This is commonly requested by customers. Oftentimes when someone needs a hand with cleaning, it involves different parts of the house. So what they do is bundle up several services like upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, hard floor cleaning, stain protection, end of tenancy cleaning, etc. This way they can get a discount. 

Select a rug with a darker colour

Ideally, saving on cleaning starts at the time of purchase. When selecting a rug, don’t go for white. While white looks great and matches everything, it also shows dirt more quickly than other colours. Tears, stains, and soil are easy to spot and difficult to get rid of. This results in higher cleaning costs.

Find a piece that is easier to clean

All rugs are not made equal. Some of them, like Persian and Oriental rugs in particular, are harder to clean than others. So if you don’t want to spend a lot on professional cleaning, you should invest in easier-to-clean materials.

Choose a small rug over a larger one

A smaller cover area costs less to clean than a large rug.

What to Expect During a Rug Cleaning Service?

While the service is being carried out, the professional cleaner will go above and beyond to remove grime, soil, and stains from your rug. They will work diligently so that no speck of dirt gets missed.

Depending on the condition of the fabric and the level of maintenance it has received so far, some residue may be present once the cleaning is done but it will be significantly reduced.

The professional rug cleaner will use their own cleaning machines and supplies to ensure excellent results and customer satisfaction. They will choose the products based on the material of the rug.

As the service is completed, the experts will inspect their work and may go over some spots once more to ensure the grime is gone. The last step is vacuuming. It aids in removing dirt or residue that wasn’t eliminated during the cleaning process.

Professional Rug Cleaning Cost FAQs

How much does it cost to clean a rug UK?

The cost can vary depending on the size of the item and other factors. In general, having your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned runs anywhere between £15 and £60 per square metre. If interested, check out our price list for more details.

Is steam cleaning an option?

It depends on the fabric. Most rugs don't tolerate steam cleaning. It’s situation and material-dependent.

Is it worth it to clean a rug?

Yes! Cleaning and maintaining a rug prolongs its lifespan and removes allergens that can get stuck between the fibres and make you sick.

How do you clean a rug by yourself?

You’ll need to prepare a few tools and also acquaint yourself with the care label attached on the item. It comes with instructions on how to clean and maintain your rug. We actually have an article on this topic, so we suggest you check it out.

How profitable is rug cleaning?

With proper planning, rug cleaning businesses can be pretty profitable.

How often should a rug be professionally cleaned?

It’s advised that you have your floor coverings professionally cleaned once or twice a year, paying special attention to high-traffic areas.

Can I pressure wash a rug?

It depends on the type of rug fabric. Pressure washing is okay for some rugs. You need to consult the label for proper care tips as it contains all the details. Alternatively, you can consult professional rug cleaners.

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