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Why you should choose professional cleaning service?

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November 13, 2019

The repair is over, but the apartment still does not shine with cleanliness and novelty. And all because cleaning up after the repair is ahead - the task is not simple. The specialists Crystal Carpet have prepared five quick and easy tricks! We provide professional cleaning services as we cover all London areas.

We clean each room separately

Trying to clean the whole apartment at once is a waste of time and effort, the dirt will only be spread over all the rooms. Therefore, experienced "repairmen" are advised to clean each room separately. For example, completely clean the bedroom, then close the door to it, and put a damp rag on the threshold. This is necessary so that dust from other rooms does not fly into a clean room.

We deal with building dust

Building dust is the hardest to remove; it is in the air for several months after repairs. But it can be removed in one day, although you will have to act in several approaches. First, you need to wet the walls and ceilings with a wet broom. Then scoop up the bulk of the building dust from the floor and put it in trash bags. After that, you should scatter slightly moist sawdust (or clean wood filler for cat litter) around the room, and after 10 minutes, sweep the floor with a brush or a broom. After that, vacuum the remaining dust with a normal vacuum cleaner and wash the floors with a water-salt solution. Please note – our experts advise that only the remains of construction dust can be removed with a household vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, the device will burn out.

Wipe cement

Cement stains are difficult to scrub, especially if they remain on the new floor. But there is a secret: pour dried glue with warm water and wait 10-15 minutes. After that, scrape the stain with an office knife - wet cement will quickly crumble and easily move away from the tile. Cement residues can be carefully cleaned with fine sandpaper.

Remove paint

Stains of paint can be everywhere: on glass, tile, flooring, plumbing. How to clean the paint? Using an ordinary iron sponge, rubbing it thoroughly with a stain. If you are afraid to leave scratches, then use a milder option. To do this, soak a microfiber cloth with vegetable oil and attach it to a stain of paint, and after a minute, begin to wipe off the pollution. The oil will dissolve the paint and the stain will slowly but surely soften and disappear.

We clean the tile

The tile should be vacuumed well first. This should be done quickly until the dirt is eaten into the pipes. After that, rinse the tile with warm water and baby soap and wipe it dry with a waffle towel to give it a shine. What should I do if there are traces of sealant, glue or putty on the tile? Regular vinegar will help to remove them. Soak a cloth with vinegar and wipe the dirt thoroughly.   Note! Cleaning after repair takes a lot of time, and more and more people prefer to use the services of a cleaning company. The professionals from Crystal Carpet Cleaners have extensive experience, as well as specialized tools so that you can restore the perfect order of your home in one day! Call us now and book your appointment!

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