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Home or professional cleaning of a mattress during the COVID-19 pandemic

It's good to know how to clean a mattress, considering the dirt that accumulates on this soft surface, on which, think about it, you spend a lot of time. A person spends an average of about a third of his life in bed, so it is one of the places at home that needs to be cleaned with great diligence and attention. It is also important to dry any liquids spilt on the mattress on time to avoid the appearance of stains, mould and mould spores. In addition to being harmful to your health, they also emit an unpleasant odour.

The good news is that cleaning the mattress is a lot easier than you might imagine. There may be dust, mites and other microbes on the mattress that should be regularly cleaned. All these germs are unwanted, especially during a global pandemic. If a person does not bathe before bedtime every night, the mattress can accumulate dirt, oils and chemicals from various toiletries, even pollen. Regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and concentrate will provide perfect cleanliness, fresh aroma and a more comfortable holiday. However, when these activities have been neglected for a long time, it is often necessary to remove old stubborn stains.

The mould is the most dangerous pollutant that occurs in high humidity. Its presence can be due to both poor insulation of the walls and a wet and unsuitable mattress. Frequent flooding with liquids also causes unpleasant yellowish deposits, and when you didn't clean your mattress on time, the mould that is created is blamed for many respiratory problems. Problem areas are treated with home recipes or a chemical, but additional disinfection is mandatory in either case (even if the preparation contains a disinfectant.

Just follow this guide to learn how to clean your mattress, and if you follow the instructions, the only thing that will keep you awake at night are the tasks you have planned for the next day.

Before you start cleaning your mattress, take off the sheets. Wash and dry the top mattress, then the sheets and finally the covers and bed cover. First, check the product labels and wash at the maximum allowable temperature, as the heat will kill the mites in the bed linen. While the washing machine is doing its job, pay attention to the mattress.

1. Vacuum cleaner

The small vacuum cleaner upholstery plugin is your best ally for cleaning mattresses. Start at the top of the mattress and continue down, then vacuum the side parts in the same way. Don't worry about the other side of the mattress yet, we'll get to it

2. Scenting

Although we do not usually notice or smell our body odours, over time, the mattress absorbs sweat and accumulating over time leads to an easily palpable unpleasant aroma. To get rid of this problem, sprinkle the mattress generously with baking soda and carefully rub it with a brush so that it absorbs in the fabric of the mattress where the smell collects. Leave the soda for 10 minutes and then...

3. Use the vacuum cleaner again

Using the soda to clean the mattress, this helps to extract moisture and greasy particles in its upper layers. Use the vacuum cleaner to pull this moisture out, along with the cause of the odour.

4. Remove the stains

Mattresses usually contain several types of stains: food, coffee and body fluids. Although it is best to treat stains immediately, sometimes sleep is more important. Still, it's nice to solve the stain problem sooner or later.

5. Turn the mattress over and repeat steps 1-4

It is recommended that mattresses rotate and turn weekly for the first three months after purchase, then once every three months. If your mattress still doesn't allow it to turn it each month, you can always turn it every season.

Professional cleaning companies have extensive experience in the deep removal of mould from mattresses. Crystal Carpet Cleaners washes mouldy areas of each mattress model quickly and thoroughly. Our method of washing is exceptionally useful in cleaning mattresses and mattresses from stains and in their disinfection. It is the most powerful known means of destroying harmful bacteria and erasing bad odours. At the same time, the possibility of allergies or diseases occurring in residential buildings is eliminated. This is vital for people with allergies, respiratory problems and illnesses such as asthma. It is also important to note that no traces are left as a result of the washing process, which means that it is entirely safe for both family and children and pets.

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