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Dry cleaning mattresses

Dry cleaning mattresses
October 21, 2019

Dry cleaning mattresses London

Dry cleaning mattresses London
Dry cleaning mattresses London

Dry cleaning mattresses LondonGood sleep depends on the microclimate in the bedroom, comfortable bed and clean bedding. Each time, changing bed linen, pay attention to the mattress, because it also needs to be cleaned. And this should be done at least once every six months. A mattress, as a rule, consists of a filler (for example, a spring block or latex) and upholstery (a first layer and cover). Cleaning the mattress should be very careful so as not to spoil either the filler or the upholstery because it quickly absorbs moisture and dries for a long time. Entrust this work to the specialists of our cleaning company. With the help of the most modern technology, our professionals will wipe clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner or, if necessary, dry-clean and dry it.

Mattresses are essential attributes of our lives.

We associate them with a pleasant rest, a sweet dream, and love joys. But how much time can they bring us pleasure before they wear out and lose their original appeal? And how to prolong their life? Mattresses, unlike bedding, cannot be washed or ironed. Therefore, over time, dust, dirt, moisture, pathogenic bacteria and parasites accumulate in them. And it does not depend on how clean you are and how often you take a shower. In order to clean your mattress from all such troubles, you should regularly resort to professional cleaning. And specialized companies with the necessary equipment and employees who know how to make your bed clean, safe and pleasant to the touch again are engaged in such cleaning. It is possible to disinfect and dry the mattresses in the sun, but this is very inconvenient and does not give such an effect as dry cleaning of the mattresses. Only by washing can a good result be achieved. However, pollution of bedding can cause not only poor health and unhealthy sleep, but can also cause diseases such as allergies, bronchial asthma and many others. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the cleanliness of your mattresses.

Our cleaning company

Our company regularly monitors new products and methods to improve the quality of cleaning, uses chemical products and solutions of the best foreign brands in its activities. All necessary certificates of quality and safety are provided if necessary. Among our clients, there are kindergartens, recreation centers and hotels where the surface must be clean, with a pleasant smell and 100% safe. We provide dry cleaning of mattress in London and the London region. Our qualified employees will do it through gentle and reliable products. Those products are subjected to stringent quality control and inspection. They will not jeopardize the well-being of the residents and the health of their beloved pets. If you decide to clean the mattress yourself, you should know a few simple rules. Determine the degree of contamination of the bed. If the upholstery is frequent, thoroughly clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner, and then wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. Such processing must be carried out from two sides. Do not make the bed immediately, leave the mattress open for a while for ventilation. The mattress should be dry. Therefore, if you spilt liquid on it, first of all, to prevent it from penetrating deeper, thoroughly blot the bed with a sponge, dry napkins or paper towels. Then, if necessary, proceed to remove stains. Remove small stains on the surface of the mattress a with the help of exclusive products designed for cleaning upholstered furniture. They quickly get stuck in thick foam, which is used to treat contaminated places. Easy remove the foam with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. It is important to choose cleaning products taking into account the mattress material.


Remember that the wrong choice of cleaning method or unsafe cleaning agent can ruin the mattress. To get rid of new spots, you can use the means at hand. If you find a stain of organic origin, try removing it with a cotton swab dipped in a solution of vinegar or citric acid. Porridge made from a mixture of salt and lemon juice is also an effective way to remove such stains: apply it to the stain and leave for several hours, and then remove with a sponge. To remove stains of inorganic origin, you can often use alcohol. It’s easy for them to remove fresh tea stains, grease stains and lipstick marks. To rid the mattress of odors, pour baking soda on its surface and leave it for a few days, and then vacuum it. If you have any questions, we are always ready to answer them. If you need advice, contact us, and we will help — payment for cleaning mattresses only at the end of work. We value our impeccable reputation and therefore carries out our work at the highest level. Our craftsmen are always polite and tidy. We are cleaning agency in London. We can offer Carpet Cleaning ServicesCurtain CleaningEnd of Tenancy CleaningMattress CleaningRug CleaningUpholstery Cleaning. So, let's talk.

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