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Carpet cleaning 5 tips for pro

Cleaner using a canister vacuum cleaner
February 18, 2020

Proper maintenance of the carpet significantly prevents the wear of the tissues and preserves the appearance of being new for a significantly longer time. Here's how cleaning experts handle dust, hair, stubborn stains and all kinds of dirt on their carpets in their homes.  

Never rub the stains on the carpet!

Carpet laundering professionals say the worst thing you can do is start furiously rubbing the stain because that is how you carry the dirt around and insert dirt even deeper into the fibers. Undoubtedly, this is a panic-triggered reaction, especially if what you have spilt is difficult to clean. However, the first thing to do is to soak up the excess liquid from the carpet with kitchen paper or a dry clean cloth, applying very little pressure. If the stain is more solid (such as chocolate), you can remove the excess by using a spoon or spatula. Keep these essential carpet and stain remover products handy. Specialists advise us at all times to keep a stock of the following cleaning products at home:  

Soda water: a great way to remove stains from beer or wine

White vinegar: a mixture of water and vinegar can help you deal with fruit and juice stains Dishwashing detergent: If you do not have a specialized carpet cleaner or are not sure that you are using the right product, you can be sure that a solution of a glass of warm water mixed with two drops will always be helpful. Ammonia: This is a versatile ingredient for cleaning a wide variety of stains. Wet wipes: Use them to easily deal with small spots on your carpet Soda bicarbonate: a very good remedy for removing bad odor from the carpet Hydrogen peroxide (perhydrol): If you dissolve a spoonful of the substance in 1 water glass, you get a wonderful detergent to remove stains from light carpets. There is a slight whitening effect, do not overdo it.   With the above products, you can mix a wide variety of effective means of removing stains and washing the carpets at home. Most of these ingredients are present in the formulas of specialized cleaning products, but used in small quantities and dissolved in plenty of water are not harmful to humans or pets.  

The best way to easily remove gum from a rug

If you have children, you may have already fought these "horrors" that stuck to everything in the house, including carpets and upholstered furniture. To remove the gum from the carpet, simply place several ice cubes wrapped in a plastic bag on it so that they do not leak. Allow the ice to stand for at least 1-2 minutes. The gum will freeze quickly so you can easily remove it by hand.      

Proper application of the carpet wax stain removal technique

Everyone has heard the family trick of removing candle stains with newspaper and iron. But (there is one big "But" here), keep in mind that the trick is not universal and if not done correctly, the wax stain on the carpet gets bigger. The best way to handle the incident is as follows:  

  1. If you have spilt a large amount you can spend a cube of ice on the spilt substance to speed up the process. This will prevent the wax from spilling around and soaking deep into the fibres. This is an extremely important step, especially if the candle you have spilt is of saturated colour. Rapid freezing of the wax will prevent the carpet from being painted.

Remove as much of the hardened wax from the carpet as you can with a spoon or oil knife.

  1. Do not use a wax remover - the inks may smear the carpet extra! Instead, place a clean cotton cloth on the smelted candle stain.
  2. Do not heat the iron to the max. Most modern carpets contain artificial fibres that can melt at high temperatures. It takes no more than 40-50 degrees to remove the melted wax from the carpet. When you reach the required temperature, smooth out the cotton cloth you put on the wax without pressing hard.

The melted wax passes from the carpet to the towel. If she gets drunk too much, take another, otherwise, your efforts will be in vain.  

Easily remove hair and hair from the carpet

The hairs of long-haired pets are relatively easy to remove with a suitable vacuum cleaner tip. In most cases, short hairs are firmer and quickly penetrate deep into the carpets. In front of them, the vacuum cleaner is simply powerless! Specialists use the following trick to remove hair from the carpet: After cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, run the rubber edge of the window cleaner on the fibres. The tire will easily tear even the shortest hairs stuck in the tissues and you will not waste time on this task.  

Bonus tip from the pros

The cleaning and washing of the carpet prolong its life. Specialists know this and do not forget to reserve an hour for professional carpet washing at least once a year. For larger households, with small children or pets, cleaning is recommended twice a year.

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